Short Term Chip & Pin
Terminal Rental

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We offer different types of terminal based on your requirements. Some businesses require wireless technology and portable solutions because they take payments on the go. Others prefer a fixed solution. Whatever you need we can help you, and we can advise and guide you over the phone to ensure you get the right terminal for your business.

We will also work with you to ensure that the contract that you are one is the most economical in terms of monthly fees and transaction fees.

Is our solution accredited?

Yes. We are a leading provider of short-term rental chip and pin terminal solutions in the UK and our solutions are accredited by all major UK banks, and we have relationships with a number of financial organisations including Barclaycard, AIB, American Express, Lloyds, World Pay and First Data. We have thousands of happy customers using our terminals on long-term contracts of 1 to 4 years, and for short-term purposes, at locations around the UK.

Our after sales service is as impressive as the solutions that we offer. Our staff are card terminal specialists and have the expertise to guide you through the user process. Our out of hours technical support services are available seven days a week to ensure that you can always take the payments that you need to take.

Our cost-effective solutions are exactly what you need to be able to offer flexibility to your customers and you can even take contactless and Apple Pay payments, impressing your customers with your modern approach to business.

To find out more about our solutions, and to get a free quote on our short-term rental terminals call (0845) 459 9984 or email

Our business is here to help you get the financial transaction system that you need to make your business more efficient and profitable. Don’t delay! Contact Wireless Terminal Solutions Today!

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Short Term Chip and Pin Terminal Rentals for Your Business

WTS History With Short Term Chip and Pin Terminal Rentals
For years, Wireless Terminal Solutions has served the payment solutions industry in the UK. With cutting-edge systems and services, we have helped small and large businesses establish themselves in their various niches. Our clients are not only able to provide efficient wireless payments for their customers, but guarantee safety for their credit card details.

WTS is a leading provider of terminal based payments for businesses in different sectors. While some companies prefer a long-term deal, others want a more temporary solution for their operations. Either way, we understand these peculiarities and have created a service suite for everybody.

One thing is sure, all our contracts are flexible. We have customers whose contracts with us have lasted over 4 years because of the quality service ease we provide.

How does our short-term chip and pin terminal work?

As one of the nation’s leading wireless terminal providers, we have an insight into the common needs of most businesses. One of our popular offerings is the short-term chip and pin terminal rentals. If you are planning a one-day event such as a charity dinner or a fundraiser, our short-term terminal is perfect for you.

All WTS chip and pin terminals are high-security products, so your transactions are always safe. Secondly, our flexible contracts give you have full control of the device. If you have to extend your event another day, or need to attend another program, simply roll over the contract to continue using it.

The choice of a rolling contract is a lot more cost-effective than a long locked-in contract. You only pay for transaction fees. If there are additional costs, we let you know beforehand.

Why our chip and pin short term hire is perfect for you?
As a company with lasting experience in wireless payments, you can say we have prepared for everything. With a WTS installed chip and pin terminal, you have uninterrupted service for all transactions throughout the event.

We also provide accessories to facilitate use of the terminals. For instance, at a concert event, you’ll need a mobile charger to keep your machine up and running at all times. We have power adapters and ethernet cables, in case you need them.

A third factor that makes our product great for you is compatibility. We are registered with major banks in the UK; the most common gateways are accessible through our terminals. This includes VISA, American Express MasterCard and more. Our terminals are also enabled for Apple Pay payments.

Looking for an accredited short-term wireless terminal provider?
Wireless Terminal Solutions is a long-time provider of smart money transfer solutions. However, our services are continually evolved to meet current demands of the industry.

WTS has received numerous accreditations from financial regulatory bodies in the UK.

Furthermore, We are an authorised reseller of Ingenico, UK’s major credit card machine manufacturer. This means you have access to high quality merchandise with lasting warranty.

If you are currently searching for a reliable short-term chip and pin terminal service, look no further. We can send a team of experts to give you free consultation on the best solution for your business.

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