As a small business, you must continually think of ways to get your products and services in front of as many people as possible, all without breaking the bank. Some companies don’t have the financial resources for costly campaigns, and many are now opting for a dedicated Youtube channel as a point of contact.

Using YouTube for your business can be a cost-effective way to grow it, whilst reaching out to your consumers with vital up to date information. Online video is growing at an unprecedented rate, with over 4.4 billion videos viewed daily and this will only continue to rise in 2016.

If you use YouTube for your business, you can easily reach your audience, both by creating videos and advertising on other people’s videos.


A key element of any social networking website is the ability for its users to make connections, and YouTube is no different. If you allow viewers to post comments on your videos, you can provide answers and create a direct link with them. Potential customers may find out about your company through YouTube, and you may gain custom on the basis the individual found your videos informative.


Associating your website with your channel will tell YouTube that you are the official representation of your brand on YouTube. This results in more relevant video results pointing to your business when someone searches for your brand or terms relating to the services you offer.

By incorporating a channel to run as part of your marketing strategy, you’re also increasing the authority of your website. This will result in a higher rank.

Additional Content

If you have used YouTube, you are likely familiar with how easily it is to watch video after video by clicking the recommended links beside each video. When you create a YouTube channel, viewers can see an entire list of everything you’ve uploaded


Because anyone can upload a video to YouTube in a matter of minutes, the website is full of amateur uploads, with many video’s having no relevance or significance. A dedicated YouTube channel shows that you took the time to set up a proper account with information about your business. A YouTube channel looks more official, it will quickly give your business a higher degree of credibility.

You might have noticed that videos are appearing more often in Google’s search results. This shows that Google considers video to be as important as text-only pages.

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