If you aren’t familiar with the fundamental basics of till systems for ePOS units, it may appear daunting for an outsider looking in. The payment industry is vast and evolving quickly, and for some it can be complicated with the sheer amount of options at a company’s disposal. Wireless Terminal Solutions aims to eradicate this issue for UK businesses by providing personal clear concise, expert POS support for businesses looking to use till systems and ePOS units.

Based in Surrey, we look to convey transparency each and every time, whilst delivering passion in all aspects of POS and till systems for ePOS units. Our friendly and receptive team has gained widespread acclaim from event organisers and UK businesses up and down the land for our deployment and innovation of till systems and ePOS hardware. We understand that no two businesses are the same and each customer solution is different.

What options come with a till system ePOS software?

Customers will have the option to customise their till system ePOS in accordance to the needs of the business, and the peripherals that come optional with each hardware include: monitor, cash drawer, printer, cash register, customer display and barcode scanner with many businesses looking to run a debit card machine alongside it. A business will also need to decide how many till systems and ePOS units they require and how long they will require the lease agreement for.

Commitment to the needs of your till systems and ePOS requirements

Wireless Terminal Solutions wants to get to know you and understand the nature of your organisation and the fundamental ways in which you work, how you are looking to process payments, what it is you need to achieve and where you need your business to go. From there we look to build a complete POS solution that meets your specific requirements and delivers the cost effective results you are looking for.

When you speak with us, we look to learn about the needs of your business and how a till system ePOS solution will best fit around this. Wireless Terminal Solutions always look to develop an innovative cost effective solution delivering the latest in POS technology. Our mission is to simplify things with a user friendly approach.

Key aspects of a till system ePOS solution

One of the key aspects of our till system ePOS solutions is the simplicity and ease of use for customers and businesses alike. The till system ePOS solutions are all set up and ready to go prior to deployment from our Surrey offices and come fully loaded with the products you have instructed us with. We invite companies and businesses to take advantage of free tutorials to ensure you gain maximum usage. Managing the inventory on our till system ePOS solutions is extremely straightforward and all of our kit is cloud based (optional) meaning they can also be remotely accessed.

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What training comes with a till system ePOS rental?

Wireless Terminal Solutions are experts at delivering the latest in payment solutions. We don’t just excel in offering the latest hardware and software solutions, but it all comes inclusive with your own account manager and dedicated complimentary training that comes inclusive as part of your lease agreement.

Key benefits to a till system ePOS solution?

Introducing an ePOS till system can significantly enhance your business. It will give business owners the in-depth knowledge to record your best selling items, and those that have fallen short of management forecasts. A till system ePOS unit will give business owners the ability to see up to the latest minute on how your business is performing, whilst also clearly displaying peak trading periods. Another intriguing aspect to the software we deliver is the added ability to reduce fraud, whilst delivering owners better cash control.

Can I rent a till system ePOS?

Yes yes yes! We offer businesses total flexibility meaning our rental agreements start from as little as one day. We have hundreds of customers who come to us for Gala events, Charity nights and Flash Sales looking for cost effective solutions without the inconvenience of having to commit to an agreement beyond their requirements. Our lease agreements run from one day through to four years. Our till system ePOS units are tried and tested and we know what solutions work best regardless of the trading environment. We have extensive contracts in place with events and festival organisers which have seen us become one of the UK’s go to companies for till system and ePOS solutions.

Till system ePOS accessories

We have listened to the needs of our customers and now stock an expansive range of till system ePOS accessories at competitive prices. For additional information or for a FREE quote contact us now on 0345 459 9984 or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk.


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