If you need an ePOS till rental to enable your business to excel and maximise sales prospects, have you considered hiring an ePOS till rental system on a short term or long term lease?

WTS’ unbeatable ePOS till rental solutions, deliver unlimited possibilities to your business. Our ePOS till rental systems offer a bountiful list of unique selling points and offer a great alternative to support businesses particularly during peak trading periods.

How long will it take to set me up with an ePOS till rental?

Collectively we have over fifty years’ experience of working in POS environments and with our extensive experience we can deploy an ePOS till rental system to a customer within the same day and in some instances we can have you set up with an ePOS till rental in a matter of days. We generally request a few week’s notice wherever possible but we know that isn’t always possible. If you have an event on the horizon, or you’ve just secured a short term lease on a rental unit please call us today for a free quote and free impartial advice. Our friendly UK-based support team will always look to provide the best solution based on your requirements. Being an independent hardware specialist we aren’t restricted into hardware options thus meaning we can work with businesses to deliver a successful solution and this has resulted in many thousands of UK businesses using our POS and ePOS till rental solutions.

If you like the idea of working in a sales environment with the latest in POS technology which will deliver a whole host of reporting tools to your business and thus making better decisions in time, please call us today. Our offices are open Monday to Friday, with the very best hardware and software solutions and each order comes with free technical support which extends to evening s and weekends.

Can I access reports anywhere with my ePOS till rental?

If your company or desired location has a dedicated internet access point, you will be able to get live-time reporting on your ePOS till rental system. In today’s fast paced environment, many owners are not always office based due to the constraints and pressures of running a business, and having this feature enables you to gain live-time reporting no matter your location or whereabouts.

Listening to the needs of our customers

Wireless Terminal Solutions’ attentive outfit have taken considerable time to listen to our customers and can identify a software/hardware solution that meets and exceeds your POS expectations. Our software and hardware solutions for ePOS till rental covers all sectors and is widely used by many thousands of businesses, most notably in the hospitality and retail sector.

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Can I hire an ePOS till rental?

Yes you can, and there are a whole host of benefits to taking a short term rental with us. First and foremost we know what solutions work best for an epos till rental. We have contracts in place with many of the UK’s leading consumer exhibitions and festivals.

What peripherals make up an ePOS till rental?

Each ePOS till rental is made up of a large range of peripherals and components. These include barcode scanners, credit card machines, weighing scales, touch screen monitor and tablets and Wi-Fi printers amongst other aspects. When a customer enquires for a rental or lease, they will not always need all of these facilities so we tailor make the quote based on your requirement. For example if you are at an exhibition setting, up-selling a publication and trying to build a database you will not necessarily need a printer as you are not actively selling directly to the public, but you are in turn building a potential database which can help in time to make better informed business decisions. Our ePOS till rentals are available to hire from as little as one day.

Our primary objective is to support you and your business and we intend to make ePOS till rental simple and straightforward for customers.

What support comes with my ePOS till rental?

We aim to make ePOS till rental astonishingly uncomplicated. All ePOS till rentals come with their own account manager and will come inclusive with FREE technical support outside our standard office hours. Wireless Terminal Solutions are one of the UK’s ePOS till rental companies . Our technical team specialise in providing IT services for small businesses and ePOS till rentals, backed by a specialist UK support team offering a personal service 7days a week.
To help you, there are a number of tutorials online and we also offer free tutorials when the ePOS till rental arrives with your business. If these tutorials don’t answer your questions then free technical support is available from our UK Staff in any of the following ways:
To access Wireless Terminal Solutions’ support service, you can contact us via the following options:

Our experienced technicians will provide all the necessary support you need for the duration of your ePOS till rental. If you’re contemplating an ePOS till rental on either a short term or long term lease, you can rest in the knowledge knowing your hardware and POS equipment will be delivered a few days prior to the start date using our efficient in-house deployment system.

What are the benefits to an ePOS till rental?

Cloud-based POS systems have an endless list of benefits which will enhance your day-to-day running of your retail store. A few of these are:

  • Enhanced transactions ultimately ending in improved customer service
  • Increased Product Browser
  • Text Message service – ideal if you work in a large area or on multiple floors
  • Our ePOS till rental will reduce human error whilst improving data accuracy
  • Live accurate up-to-the-minute sales reporting
  • Accurate pricing
  • You can gauge consumer shopping trends to make better informed choices
  • Easy addition of special offer pricing

What are some of the key aspects to using our ePOS till rentals?

One of the key aspects of our ePOS till rentals is the ability to improve business efficiency and productivity whilst increasing transaction speed and quality of service. It will allow you to monitor what product is performing well and what product is underperforming to improve better informed business decisions for the good of your shop. We also stock all your POS consumables which will keep your retail shop equipped even during the busiest of periods. To get a free quote or to learn more about ePOS till rentals, contact us now on 0345 459 9984 or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk.


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