Over the past 4 years, we have seen a huge increase in the requirement for till systems for flash-sales. Requirements differ across the board and customers’ requirements have included till systems for Black Friday flash-sales, December sales all the way through to pop-up flash sales for retail outlets. Whether you are planning a flash sale across multiple branches, or you just need one till system for a single outlet, we have a POS solution suitable for you.

Do I need a Wi-Fi connection for my till system?

Our accomplished UK-based operations team will work with your business to deliver a till system ahead of your flash sale. Each piece of hardware that we rent is tailored towards your business’ bespoke requirements. Our till system flash sale solution is perfect for any business planning or preparing a flash sale, as it delivers the latest cloud-based technology which will allow for a seamless integration with stock control software. It is also worth noting, that customers who do choose this solution don’t have to be dependent on Wi-Fi to gain full capabilities and benefits. In the event your internet connection fails, our till systems still have the ability to work offline giving you peace of mind, and knowing you can continue to trade during your company’s flash sale. Every concerted effort has been made to ensure your business gets maximum use from our till systems for your flash sale.

If we use a till system for our flash sale, will it help eliminate human error?

Wireless Terminal Solutions’ till systems for flash sales have been designed specifically for that busy fast paced environment. The software looks to eradicate communication problems that may arise from a customer sale and eliminate human error. Our till systems for flash sales are available from as little as one day and the benefits are unlimited.

How quickly can I get equipped with a till system for our flash sale?

In most instances we generally request two weeks’ notice to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. It also allows us to support you even during our busiest times. As a company, we collectively have over fifty years’ industry experience working with point of sale technology. We know there may be instances where an order has been left to the very last minute or you decide to have an impromptu flash sale.

If your company is planning an event and needs a till system for a flash sale, please call us today for a free quote and to see how our POS solution will benefit your event.

Our attentive UK-based team will always look to provide the best solution based on your requirements. We are an independent hardware specialist which means we aren’t restricted on contract terms which as a result has seen us become one of the UK’s specialists when it comes to till systems for flash sales.

If you like the idea of working in a sales environment with the latest in POS technology which will deliver a whole host of reporting tools to your business and thus making better decisions in time, please call us today. Our offices are open Monday to Friday, and we are conveniently based in Surrey. We always welcome customers to come down and meet us before they commit to a forthcoming project. It’s not only important for them to understand what software they’ll be working with, but it also gives them an opportunity to learn more about the company directly. We deliver the very best hardware and software solutions and each order comes with free technical support which extends to evenings and weekends.

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How will a till system benefit my flash sale?

A till system for a flash is the perfect solution if you are looking to analyse certain aspects of your company. This can range from peak trading periods to back-end reporting. By investing in a till system for your impending flash sale, it will give your business the ability to record top performing products, and those that aren’t performing so well, which can help for better informed business choices going forward. The till systems we implement and deploy for flash sales are also perfect for staff monitoring and inventory control.

What are some of the key benefits to using a till system for a flash sale?

There is a bountiful of benefits to using a till system at a flash sale. Outside delivering financial accuracy for you and your business, one of the key advantages of using our till system for your flash sale is the increased financial accuracy it brings when a business is charging a customer. In a busy fast paced environment, it is important to keep on top of things and this will deliver reassurance to your business. Prior to the introduction of technology such as a till system, companies were primarily dependent on their workforce’s competency when processing a sale. This could lead to oversights and mistakes being made which could ultimately cost your company money and unwittingly damage your integrity. Choosing a till system for your impending flash sale will significantly reduce this.

Can I access reports anywhere with my till system for my flash sale?

We understand that business owners are not always stationed in one set location. They may have multiple outlets to support. If your location has a dedicated internet access point, you will be able to get live-time reporting from your till system rental.

What peripherals come with a till system for a flash sale?

Flash sales can be quite bespoke in their requirements and you can rest in the knowledge that the peripherals and components we offer with our till systems will support you on your journey. These peripherals include barcode scanners, credit card machines (which we are recognised as one of the UK’s market leaders for), weighing scales, touch screen monitor and tablets and Wi-Fi printers amongst other aspects. When a customer enquires in preparation for a flash sale, they won’t necessarily require all of the above but they are available at your disposal. Our till systems are available to hire from as little as one day ahead of your flash sale.

Who to call for till system support?

Wireless Terminal Solutions are one of the UK’s leading till system suppliers. Our methodical and dedicated support network, specialise in providing IT services for small businesses and ePOS till rentals, backed by a specialist UK support team offering a personal service 364 days a year.
To help you, there are a number of tutorials online and we also offer free tutorials when the ePOS till rental arrives with your business. If these tutorials don’t answer your questions then free technical support is available from our UK Staff in any of the following ways:

Please note we can only manage and support customers who have rented or leased from us directly. If you are enquiring about another till system, you will need to contact the hardware or software supplier directly.
To get a free quote or to learn more about our till systems for flash sales, please call us on 0345 459 9984 or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk.


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