What are 4 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners to Adopt?

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  3. What are 4 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners to Adopt?

Congratulations! Your business has made it through 2018 intact. In a rather uncertain UK economy coupled with the fact you are a small business owner, that’s no small feat so you must congratulate yourself for your efforts.

This year may have been a huge success or not in some cases, regardless there is always room to do better. The end of each calendar year is the ideal time to reflect on your achievements and review aspects to improve on what you did through the year.

In this blog we will look at 4 simple New Year’s resolutions which small business owners could adopt to support them through 2019 and beyond.

Is it time to restructure your staffing needs for the year ahead?

Your staff and the people who work for you are one of the most integral aspects to any small business’ success. It is crucial not to get complacent and assume the people you already have working for you will suffice going forward. How do you plan on growing in the next 12 months? What aspects of your business are overrun? January is the ideal time to introduce fresh staff to any small business and help spread the work load whilst maybe offering fresh impetus. It is important to factor in how additions may help with the balance of the tem and what skill sets you will require from the new individuals. The balance and morale of a small team cannot be underestimated.

How do you make contact with your existing clients?

We’ve touched upon how staff are integral to a small business, and customers are equally integral to the success. Any small business will not be able to grow without customers investing or purchasing in your products. We feel to understand your customers, you often need to spend time with them. January can often be a quiet month for many business owners so why not suggest a meeting with clients

In addition to making contact with existing clients is it time to ask your existing customers a few simple questions? Sounds simple enough but this is one of the easiest methods that business owners can adopt to get to know their customers better. Asking a few simple questions will provide insight into what the customers who use your business and services really want in order to better serve them. Remember keep the questions simple and wherever possible try to start them with ‘why’ as well as ‘how’ to build up a clear picture to move forwards. Getting the right answers can help separate you from your nearest competitors.

Is it time to review your website?

Depending on what type of brand or products you sell maybe it is time to review your website. If you have an online shop that helps promote your business or enables customers to interact with you, what can you do to enhance this? Are the images displayed on the website up to date, is product information correct? Ensuring this all corresponds can go a long way to reaching out to potential new customers.

Why not brainstorm with your staff and web team to see what ideas are proposed.

Is it time for your small business to get involved within your community?

All too often we here the phrase “shop local” mentioned, but as a small business owner you have a lot to give back. It is an ideal opportunity to network with other local minded business owners who may in turn recommend you to their clients or you use directly.   See what local events you can get involved with, many of which carry a low expense but can also build up a brand awareness. Becoming part of the community will only make your business stronger. What tips would you share for small business owners? As ever please comment below or email us directly.

All it takes is for us to wish you a Happy New Year to all business owners and a very productive and fruitful 2019.