Will contactless technology boost Tottenham’s chances of success in the stands?

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White Hart Lane becomes the first cashless stadium

After almost two seasons at Wembley, Tottenham Hotspur finally played their first game at their new ground earlier this month against fellow London rivals, Crystal Palace, thanks to two second half goals. The stadium looks incredible, with many experts speculating the new ground to have cost an eye watering $1 billion. Not only is the stadium delivering all the latest mod cons but there are a few unique aspects.

Cashless stadium – Tottenham’s new ground will be the first football ground in the country to go “cashless” with over 850 payment points around White Hart Lane. Fans who are visiting the North London stadium without cash have the option to put credit onto their stadium access cards and pay using this method.

Will Premier League stadiums be cashless in time?

It appears this may start a precedent and other top flight clubs will follow suit in time. Top Premier League club Crystal Palace, adopted a cashless approach for all Food and Drink Outlets at Selhurst Park back in February. The idea behind the move was designed to see faster checkout for customers purchasing beverages, whilst eliminating queues during pre match/half time/post match peak periods, whist delivering a more convenient way for supporters to enjoy their match day experience. In a statement released by the South London club they go on to say “all major credit and debit cards will be accepted as will Apple Pay and Google Pay.” Most Crystal Palace fans have embraced the idea, and the matter was widely discussed on the local forum cpfc.org with one member stating they “hardly ever carry cash these days.”

 Contactless payments – what’s the fuss?

At the end of 2017 industry reports suggested there were close to 119 million contactless cards issued in the UK, that is almost 2 contactless cards per UK resident! Traditional Chip & PIN is still incredibly popular, but 2018 saw contactless transactions overtake this method.

Am I restricted to a daily limit on how many transactions I can make using contactless technology?

Currently there is no daily cap on the number of individual transactions you can make in the UK up to the value of £30 per transaction. Occasionally there may be extra security measures requested and this can include requesting for the customer to verify their pin.

Can I use contactless technology on public transport?

It isn’t just goods that can be paid for by using “pay and wave,” customers are able to use a contactless card, app or device on TFL and will be charged a like for like fare as they would if they were using an Oyster card.

Want to know more about contactless technology?

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