Benefits of using us

  • UnionPay certified payment gateway
  • Supports POS terminals
  • Directly links to UnionPay anti-fraud centre to reduce card fraud
  • Daily settlements in a currency to suit you
  • Flexible and convenient pay out schedule
  • On-going support
  • Accept more than 5 billion Chinese cards
  • Accept recurring payments
  • Fast approval and set up
  • Simple and easy customer interface
  • High security protection

Why do I need to access the Chinese market?

The Chinese spent $865 billion online in China during 2014 and this looks set to grow to $2.8 trillion this year. The growing scale of mobile payments in China cannot be ignored, and UK companies should be providing this payment method to their Chinese customers.

FAQs About UnionPay

Access the Chinese market
Wireless Terminal Solutions are proud to be able to offer a complete card payment solution for Chinese customers using UnionPay. Many SME’s struggle to access this market but now, by using our card payment solution and connecting with UnionPay, you can be affiliated with the largest debit system in China. If you take a Merchant Services account with us, we will be able to help you to grow your business and as you grow, your fees will be altered to reflect that growth. Being able to provide the UnionPay payment option means over 93% of the Chinese online shopping population will gain access to purchase from your site using their payment card.
What is Union Pay?
UnionPay is a bankcard association in China and has over 400 domestic and overseas associate members. UnionPay is the only domestic bankcard organisation in China. There are 5 billion UnionPay payment cards in issue and an estimated 270 million internet shoppers. Everyone in China has a UnionPay card and there is 100% brand recognition of this debit card system. The UnionPay management system platform was created to be simple and effective to use.
Why choose Wireless Terminal Solutions ?
We are able to provide SME’s, sole traders or corporate organisations a complete debit card payment solution for businesses requiring this facility, which includes payment settlements in multi currencies and online access to transaction reports and support.

Many customers contact us tired of monthly fees and hidden charges that cut into their profit margins. We have found a solution. We can not only open up access to the Chinese market but, with our direct connection to the UnionPay debit card system, you can receive payments instantly.

What is UnionPay?
Sometimes referred to as ‘China UnionPay’, this was established in the Peoples Republic of China in 2002 to provide a payment processor for the four major Chinese banks. Customers in the UK may use China UnionPay to capture Chinese customers in order to meet the growing demand for card use of the Chinese in overseas business.
Can I withdraw cash using UnionPay?
UnionPay cardholders are able withdraw cash from the LINK network’s 70,000 ATMs
Is there a particular industry that benefits from China UnionPay.
Many businesses associated with tourism are now accepting UnionPay, including the London Eye and Selfridges. The attractions are visited by many Chinese customers and are actively meeting the demands of their customers.
Is Union Pay exclusive to the UK?
No, UnionPay’s card acceptance is available in 162 countries and regions, it is also available in 100+ airports worldwide.