Wireless Terminal Solutions are recognised as one of the UK market leaders in supplying mobile credit card machines and Wi-Fi debit card terminals in the UK. We have a firm understanding of how mobile card machines are used, and that means we can ensure that any mobile card machines supplied, work perfectly for the environment they are to be used in. We also specialise in small business credit card machines, so if you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Advanced payment technology

Mobile card machines offer advanced technology allowing business owners to accept contactless enabled card payments in the most toilsome setting and with the most complete selection of card machines to choose from, we make it easier than ever to find what you need.

Our contactless mobile card machines are hassle free, and simple to use. They come with full on-going UK-based technical support. The card processing terminals have clear, easy to read buttons that are well spaced with a large digital display screen. Wireless Terminal Solutions’ mobile card machines are contactless enabled to help eliminate queues during peak periods, and support customers who are looking to pay for items quickly and securely. Our unique roaming SIM card for use within any mobile Chip and PIN credit card terminal, works on four of the mobile networks (T-Mobile/EE/O2 & Vodafone) and ensures payment can be taken almost anywhere, even in remote parts of the UK

Choosing a mobile card machine based on your requirement

Choosing a mobile card machine gives your company flexibility. You aren’t reliant on an internet or PSTN connection and it gives you the freedom to take your mobile card machine to your customers thus improving the customer service you are delivering. Best of all, the mobile card machine is fast, simple to use and most importantly, secure. When your mobile card machine is deployed everything will be linked to your merchant account, meaning all you need to do when it arrives with you is switch it on and you’re ready to go. Being an independent hardware supplier in the payment industry means we don’t dictate on our mobile card machine agreements, and can offer clear flexibility for customers. Wireless Terminal Solutions are delighted to be able to offer simplified pricing plans with flexible payment terms that include monthly or quarterly payment options. Allow our mobile card machines to become a pivotal cog in your day-to-day running.

Optimise Revenue Opportunities With 24/7 Connectivity Using Our Mobile Card Machines

Long term and short term flexible options

Our friendly team is utterly committed to supporting and working with you to deliver a mobile card machine that will help your business. Our philosophy is to provide a mobile card machine and deliver the best service we can, so our customers trust us with their payment solutions. Our mobile card machines are available on short term and long term rental and their popularity is growing all the time.  Have you considered hiring a mobile card machine to see you through a peak trading period? Adding a mobile card machine on a short term rental to run alongside your stand-alone terminal, delivers a great alternative to supporting businesses during peak rushes.

Optimise revenue opportunities with 24/7 connectivity using our mobile card machines

Key clients that benefit from mobile card processing terminals are restaurants, mobile traders, taxi hire, events, exhibitors at trade shows and start-up businesses.

We maintain strong relationships with our customers due to the unrivalled reliability of the mobile card machines we supply. Our dedicated UK-based technical team supply the correct SIM card and ensure the PDQ terminal is correctly set up before dispatch. Not only do we deliver your mobile card machine before the requested date, but we are with you every step of the way whether you are looking at short term card terminal hire or perhaps you’re investigating the option of long term payment card terminal hire.

We offer the iWL and Move It series as our preferred choice of mobile card machine. These offer a high-performance platform for credit and debit cards to be taken anytime, anywhere. The iWL251 mobile card machines are perfect for companies with no fixed address or those attending exhibitions with limited Wi-Fi or broadband connection looking to process wireless card machine payments.

Mobile contactless card payments – easy and secure

The iWL series boasts a wide array of wireless connectivity including mobile GPRS or 2G. Rugged enough to cope with even the toughest working environment, it provides unparalleled, reliable support for any business. All mobile card machines are PCI compliant and are accredited for all merchant acquirers in the UK.

At Wireless Terminal Solutions, we always reward returning customers with booking discounts for their future short term mobile card machine rentals. We offer other incentives including a referral scheme for customers who go that little bit further in promoting our short term mobile card machine facilities to friends or partners.

To learn more about portable debit card machine rental, please call our sales staff on 0345 459 9984 for a quotation or please email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk. Alternatively find out more information on our Credit Card Machine page.

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    Maximise revenue opportunities with 24/7 connectivity

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    Re-invent the mobile credit card payment experience

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    Bring mobility payment to your point of sale

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    Ensure certain costs are eliminated, such as phone line or internet connections

Case Study

Orchard Events team has been benefitting from the latest in contactless technology for their annual event “The Festive Gift Fair” which is held every November at the NEC. The event is one of the most popular events at the NEC, and is a great way to make Christmas shopping enjoyable and easy. The event regularly has over 350 exhibitors offering something for everyone. The event has a wide variety of fabulous ideas and inexpensive presents for everyone.

The event organisers have been working with Wireless Terminal Solutions since 2009 delivering an enhanced short term solution on card machines, with a potential uplift in income as a result of the mobile card machines being made available to visitors at the show.

The look and feel of the mobile card machines that operate predominately from the ticketing sites focus strongly on improving and enhancing the ‘visitor experience’ incorporating key elements for end users with the intention of eliminating any potential queues.

Sharla who works directly on the show, states: “The implementation of the short term mobile card machines delivers an efficient way for visitors to pay, whilst providing our staff and volunteers with the tools and support they need. We’re focused on improving the show year on year and we are seeing more and more customers looking to pay by card. We can clearly see the value the mobile card machines brings to the event. We are so happy with the handset, we actively promote the mobile card machines to exhibitors requiring a payment facility for the show.”

Taylor who manages the account for Orchard Events discusses the flexibility Wireless Terminal Solutions can offer: “The short term rentals team put an enormous amount of development time into our mobile card machines rentals, tailoring them to ensure they offer optimum value to our customers and we are eager to bring this expertise to event organisers wherever possible.  We anticipate that through the implementation of our short term mobile card machines, event organisers will benefit from an uplift in income, whilst maximising every sales opportunity and we look forward to helping other show organisers in maximizing their operation potential.

We have enjoyed a successful relationship with Orchard Events over many years and will continue to deliver our cutting edge payment solutions and make a difference to the event. We’re dedicated to offering our customers the very best in bespoke short term mobile card machines, and our continued versatility underpins that commitment.”

FAQs About Mobile Card Machines?

What is the most popular card machine for short term rental?
The most popular card machine for short term rental is primarily the mobile card machine. This is because the handset is mobile and comes with a long battery life, meaning if business owners don’t have access to dedicated phone lines or electrical points they can still trade. It also delivers a convenient way to accept payments away from their set location. Mobile card machines are generally the preferred option but our friendly team will be able to best support your query relating to your requirement.
Are mobile card machines reliable?
Providing you have a mobile coverage, a mobile card machine offers a good way to process payments for any businesses that may not trade from one set location. They can offer a very personal way of paying for goods as in essence you can take a payment directly to the customer.
How secure are mobile card machines?
All mobile card machines supplied by Wireless Terminal Solutions are PCI compliant and meet rigorous safety checks. Our mobile card machines are accredited with all UK acquirers, and we are recognised as a reseller to Ingenico.
What do I do If I think my mobile card machine is broken?
If you have a short or long term mobile card machine rental through Wireless Terminal Solutions and you think your mobile card machine has been damaged or is broken, we strongly advise you contact a technical consultant who will assist with the query. Contact numbers are displayed on the website and will also be detailed in your FAQ booklet.
What do I do if my mobile card machine goes missing?
If your mobile card machine has gone missing or you believe it may been stolen you will need to contact the terminal supplier.
What do I do if my mobile card machine isn’t working?
If your mobile card machine isn’t working please contact a technical consultant. We advise customers to be patient whilst they do trouble shooting on the device.  We advise customers to have their TID (terminal identification) to hand. If you aren’t sure where to find this, this will be displayed on a recent transaction receipt.
What I do if my mobile card machine is flashing with the term “alert irruption”?
‘Alert Irruption’ means the customer’s mobile card machine can no longer be used to process card transactions.  If your mobile card machine is displaying this, you will need to contact your terminal supplier to arrange a replacement and the other Bluetooth card machine will need to be sent back for repair. Please note the customer will be liable for this. PLEASE NOTE WE CAN ONLY DEAL WITH MOBILE CARD MACHINES THAT ARE SUPPLIED BY WIRELESS TERMINAL SOLUTIONS.
Are mobile card machines the same as iZettle?
Mobile card machines are very different. iZettle card readers predominately connect wirelessly to your tablet or smartphone whereas mobile card machines come as standard and are configured to a merchant acquirer. Mobile card machines are widely used within businesses where they require a facility to take card payments.
What is iZettle?
iZettle is a Swedish company that provide financial products such as mobile card readers allowing businesses to take payments. They are predominately used amongst smaller companies.
What do I do if a transaction on my mobile card machine has been declined?
If a payment has been declined on the mobile card machine, the sale cannot be completed. The mobile card machine will print a receipt displaying the void transaction. In this scenario we would advise letting the customer use another means of payment. If the problem persists please call a member of the technical team.
What support do I receive if I experience any difficulty when taking mobile card machine payments?
We have a dedicated UK-based network to support customers who encounter concerns relating to their mobile card machine. This is available 7 days a week on the usual numbers or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk.
How much are mobile card machines?
First and foremost the customer will need to decide whether they require a long term or short term rental. Card machine rentals start from as little as one day and the price varies across the board. A good guide point across the board is that the longer you rent a mobile card machine generally the cheaper it is. The price you will be quoted will also be dependent on the number of mobile card machines you require.
Are mobile card machine ideal for small businesses?
Mobile card machines can make a great addition to a small business who is looking to accept card payments. Mobile card machines can make the ideal investment for small business owners who aren’t located in one set location due to the unique mobile connectivity they come with.
Are mobile card machines suitable for exhibitions?
Mobile card machines make the perfect addition to exhibitions and shows, primarily where costly Wi-Fi may or may not be readily available. Unlike countertop handsets, mobile card machines don’t require a PSTN hardwire connection and the beauty in this means you can take it anywhere where there is connection.
What is GPRS?
GPRS is an abbreviation for General Packet Radio Services which is a packet-based wireless communication service. GPRS is a standard technology that extends GSM (Global System for Mobile) voice networks with support for data features.
What is GSM?
GMS is an abbreviation for Global System for Mobile communication.

The GSM system uses TDMA to split a frequency into time slots. GSM operates in the 900 MHz band (890 MHz – 960 MHz) in Europe and Asia and in the 1900 MHz (sometimes referred to as 1.9 GHz) band in the United States. It is used in digital cellular and PCS-based systems.

Can I manually select a network?
To manually select a network on a card machine, select the menu option twice, enter the supervisor password which can be found in the user guide. Then select config and press the down arrow and you will see the option F1 – sel GSM N/W. The card machine will then scan (which can take up to 60 seconds) and the available networks with the vicinity will be displayed.
Will my card machine work abroad?
If you have the basic SIM card it won’t. Wireless Terminal Solutions deliver international SIM cards tailored for customers looking to process payments abroad. Wireless Terminal Solutions’ international SIM cards automatically configure to the relevant mobile networks within the location and all our rental agreements come with technical support.
Does my GPRS card machine need Wi-Fi or internet?
Short answer is no, the terminal comes fully configured and is ready to go. As long as you have coverage within the vicinity you are based in, you’ll be able to process payments quickly and conveniently.
How does a roaming SIM card work?
A roaming SIM is a mobile phone SIM card that operates on more than one network within its home country. Roaming SIMs currently have two main applications, least cost call routing for roaming mobile calls and machine to machine. This technology is also used in a number of machine to machine applications where devices communicate with one another, such as vehicle tracking systems. By switching between multiple networks, more complete network coverage is obtained and costs are minimised through least-cost routing.
What are the advantages of mobile terminals?
They are ideal if you are trading away from a fixed location and you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or a hard wired connection. They allow you to process payments in remote locations and deliver a cost effective solution.
How long can I rent a mobile card machine for?
You can rent a mobile card machine from as little as one day. The longer you rent a mobile card machine the more cost effective it works out to be.
How do I turn my mobile card machine off?
You can switch your mobile card machine off by pressing and holding the yellow button and the .,’ button (which you’ll find located under the numeric 9).
How do I print a duplicate receipt on my mobile card machine?
Select the ‘MENU’ button three times, then select the ‘F4? option for a duplicate receipt.
How long will my battery last on my mobile card machine?
Fully charged the mobile card machine should last you 70-80 hours on standby.