Move 5000 payment card machine

The Move 5000 is Ingenico’s newest offering to the UK payment industry. Ingenico is a household name in the world of card payments and card machines and are often ubiquitous when you visit a retail or business setting. Despite other manufacturers entering the UK payment industry in recent years, Ingenico are still regarded as the most popular card machine in the UK being a household name business owners can trust and the Move 5000 will cement that reputation.

The Move 5000 (sometimes referred and spelt Move/5000) is a mobile card machine that also includes an integrated receipt printer. Released to the UK payment industry in 2019, the Move 5000 will replace the ever popular iWL series which will be phased out in time. The Move 5000 operates off a new OS which will now be the Telium Tetra which was previously Telium 2.

Move 5000 boasts a plethora of benefits or business owners

The Move 5000 payment card machine is unique in the aspect that it delivers an amazing plethora of connectivity options including mobile, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so if your business does trade from more than one location you’ll have the added reassurance that you aren’t restricted to just one way in which to process payments. Introducing the Move 5000 payment terminal to your business will deliver mobility to both customers and business owners alike.

Innovative payment technology

The primary objective from the manufacturers of Ingenico, was to design a credit card machine that was not only innovative and unique but one which would create new experiences combining payment and business applications on a rich user interface. Every aspect of the payment terminal has been meticulously thought out by the manufacturers to meet the most arduous use, and with an extended battery life, it will make the perfect addition to customers processing payments day and through the night.

By choosing the Move 5000 through Wireless Terminal Terminals,we aim to deliver the latest in payment technology whilst delivering a payment card machine that provides extended versatility and flexibility for today’s fast and furious environment where some business owners trade outdoors. With the rise and growth in contactless technology it is imperative to be accommodating when customers are looking to pay for goods.

Accept contactless payments with the Move 5000

All Move 5000 card machines deployed and managed by Wireless Terminal Solutions accept contactless debit and credit card payments – making life super simple, for business owners and customers alike. Contactless payments have become a prominent way people pay for goods and services and provide a speedy option where business owners can process sales of up to £30.

If you are a business owner and contemplating introducing the Move 5000 to your business, not only will it provide versatility but it will also create a new experience for customers. The Move 5000 offers NFC technology in addition to traditional Chip and PIN card payment, EMV and contactless pay and wave. The Move 5000 also has the ability to add tips, process cashback and provide customer refunds directly from the card machine.

Connectivity options for the Move 5000

Connectivity is crucial as so many business owners are no longer able to trade from one set location due to one reason or another. The Move 5000 boasts impressive connectivity features and has the ability to connect to 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

There are various contract options to maximise the Move 5000. Customers can opt to hire the Move 5000 on a short term option. It will allow you to enjoy the latest payment technology, whilst having flexibility on how long you retain the card machine. If you are attending an exhibition, trade event or gala event it may be time to discuss how the Move 5000 and Wireless Terminal Solutions could enhance your event. Perhaps you are a seasonal business and only need a card machine for a few months each year? We can support you with this. We are recognised as one of the UK’s leading card machine rental suppliers, and have revolutionised the process to renting a card payment machine. With super quick set up times and ongoing support we are with you every step of the way. Your Move 5000 card machine will be delivered a couple of days before the event ready to start taking payments!

Renting a Move 5000 card machine

Renting a Move 5000 on a long term rental comes with a whole host of benefits. Pay one low cost fee on a monthly or quarterly basis. To get equipped with the Ingenico Move 5000 payment and receive a plethora of benefits is incredibly simple.

Speak with a representative and decide on how long you require the Move 5000 card machine for. We are an independent payment specialist meaning – we can build the quote around your requirement. Complete the simple paperwork, and receive your payment terminal within days.

We know how busy it is running a business and that is why we make the whole process so easy. Hundreds of customers continue to choose our payment services on a weekly basis and our growth speaks volumes. Whether you trade from a market stall, operate in a retail environment, we promise to provide fast, secure and reliable payment options that fit your business.  Our long term rentals on the Move 5000 card terminal come with 24-48 months lease terms. We also offer purchase options for customers looking to buy the hardware outright.

Get in touch today on 0345 459 9984 and help us MOVE you forward with the latest and advanced payment technology.

Move 5000 FAQ

Is the Move 5000 GRPS Enabled?
The Move 5000 has tri connectivity capabilities. It can connect to 3G in addition to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This is a first for the manufacturer Ingenico.
Is the Ingenico Move 5000 suitable for businesses who don’t trade from one set location?
The Move 5000 is well suited to businesses who operate from multiple locations or outlets due to the card machine’s versatility. The Move 5000 has multiple connectivity options and has the versatility to connect through the traditional mobile option using the correct SIM card, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
What Is The Most Popular Card Machine For Short Term Rental?
The Move 5000 will soon become the card machine of choice for businesses requiring short term card machine rental. It is manufactured by one of the UK’s leading terminal providers Ingenico and allows businesses to accept card payments almost anywhere regardless of the environment they are trading from.
Are Ingenico Move/5000 Card Machines Reliable?
The Move 5000 card machine has been many years in development, and comes from one of the UK’s leading card machine manufacturers, Ingenico. Their wealth of knowledge and expertise means the Move series is far superior to its predecessors iWLrange and EFT series.  Ingenico card machines are used by tens of thousands of businesses in UK and people process payments through their hardware every minute of every day.
What Do I Do If I Think My Move5000 payment terminal Is broken?
If you are experiencing issues with your Move 5000 payment terminal, and you are a customer of Wireless Terminal Solutions please contact us in the first instance. For customers encountering issues with their Move card machine we request for them to be patient. Most technical issues are easily resolved, but some can be determined based on the environment the customer is trading from.
Where can I find my payment terminal TID?
To find your terminal identification more commonly referred to as “TID”, you can do this by doing a terminal release, or it should be displayed on a recent transaction receipt.
What Do I Do If My Move 5000 payment terminal goes missing?
If your Move payment terminal has gone AWOL, or you think it may be lost or missing and you are a customer of Wireless Terminal Solutions please contact us immediately.
I can’t take payments on my Ingenico Move 5000 card machine?
If you are a customer of Wireless Terminal Solutions, we have a dedicated UK-based network to support customers who encounter concerns relating to their Ingenico Move card machine. This is a UK based service which is available 7 days a week.
How Much is an Ingenico Move 5000 card machine?
Many customers feel purchasing a Ingenico Move card machine may be the way to go. Leasing a Move 5000 card machine may be more effective as customers will pay one set fee on a monthly (or quarterly) basis. Depending on which company you deal with, payment machine rentals for the Move 5000 start from as little as one day and the prices will vary as a result. A good starting point for customers is the longer you lease a Move 5000 payment machine the cheaper it is. Other prices which can determine the price you are quoted can include the quantity of Move payment machines you require.
What to do If your Ingenico Move/5000 Card Machine Isn’t Working?
Providing you are a customer of Wireless Terminal Solutions and your Move 5000 card terminal is supplied by us directly, we strongly advise you call our technical team in the first instance. All our technical numbers will be displayed in your FAQ booklet, alternatively please call the technical numbers displayed on our contact us page.
What I Do If My Move/5000 Card Machine Is displaying the message “Alert Irruption”?
Alert Irruption means the Move 5000 payment terminal can no longer be used. If you are a customer of Wireless Terminal Solutions and you encounter this problem please call us immediately. If your Move 5000 payment terminal is supplied by another supplier or company you will need to contact the relevant party for assistance. Within the innards of the Move/5000 card machine, sits an anti-tamper proof device, if the hardware feels it is being tampered with or if the payment machine suffers a hard impact, the anti-tamper proof device will trigger and shut the terminal down.
Can the Move 5000 connect to Wi-Fi?
Yes! Not only does the Move 5000 payment terminal connect to Wi-Fi, but it also offers the ability to connect via Bluetooth and the traditional mobile solution providing you have the correct SIMcard.

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