What are the main benefits
of an EPOS System?

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ePOS systems are connected with the inventory and human resource data also allowing the ePOS system to provide inventory reports and sales reports, with per-staff member figures if needed. This can not only be used as a management tool, but also as a security tool to detect and prevent fraud.

ePOS can help build better accountability for each member of staff individually, and for the business itself taken as a whole. This also helps making better, more accurate inventory forecasts, by programming alerts which will be automatically triggered when inventory levels hit a certain point. This allows suppliers to track sales and purchasing data, and identify popular products, versus unpopular ones instantly.

Finally, an ePOS system will benefit your business’s image in the eyes of your customers, who are handed out nice-looking, colourful receipts, and receive a quick more personalised service

EPOS System FAQs

What is an ePOS System?
ePOS is an abbreviation for Electronic Point-of-Sale. An ePOS system is a computerised till system commonly used in retail and hospitality environments. The ePOS system is a till system that will run software to help you control your business. Used correctly, it will help you control your costs, by tracking where your money is going. In addition to this it will help you increase your efficiency, and will allow you to manage your stock, your staff and your cash. For a full introduction to ePOS systems get in touch with a member of the WTS team.
What support comes with the ePOS unit?
WTS provide UK based ePOS support 15 hours a day. If you are looking for an engineer to come on site to support your business, please get in touch at sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk or call us directly on 0345 459 9984.
How do I choose the best ePOS system for my business?
We always recommend anyone considering investing in an ePOS system for their business to deal with an established company with a proven track record. Having the right support and product knowledge is imperative to utilise the system. Always deal with a company that know the hardware and software inside out and investigate the support and training that is offered to ensure you utilise the unit to its full capacity.
Are Wireless Terminal Solutions’ ePOS systems easy to use?
Our main focus has always been to keep things as simple as possible for the end user, and our ethos is to make things as user friendly. We want to focus on the day-to-day running of your business and not worry about how the system works. Our team are happy to guide you and your staff through any necessary training and ongoing support. The basics won’t take long, but rest in the knowledge we will be with you all the way to ensure you maximise the ePOS systems full potential. If you or your business would like a live demonstration, please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

The best way to see how user friendly our solutions are is to have a live demonstration. We’d be delighted to show you, get in touch to arrange a convenient time.

Why should I Choose Wireless Terminal Solutions as my ePOS provider?
In simple terms, we’re ePOS experts! By leasing an ePOS unit on a short term/long term option, you get the benefit of over 35 years of experience in the payments industry. As of 2017, we have over 10,000 POS systems in businesses across the UK and our meticulous stringent quality means you can rely on our products and using a company you can trust.
Can I lease an ePOS system on a monthly rental?
Wireless Terminal Solutions’ monthly prices are affordable so most of our customers prefer to pay in full at the outset. If you opt to lease an ePOS unit you can pay on a monthly or quarterly payment. We would require the customer to set up a direct debit and complete the necessary credit checks.

Alternatively you may just want a short term rental and that is another popular solution we are able to offer. We are determined to offer flexibility to potential customers.

What is the difference between ePOS and POS?
By definition, ePOS is an electronic point of sale. An ePOS solution uses computers or specialised terminals that can be combined with other hardware, such as barcode readers, cash draws etc. for accurately and instantly capturing the sale / transaction.

POS is simply a basic point of sale source where verification takes place but immediate debit does not. ePOS systems and POS systems differ far more than most people would think, even if the difference in spelling is just one letter.

Traditional point of sale systems will require delayed reconciliation and manual operations, and will not allow immediate debit for transactions. Also, ePOS systems are connected to the “outside world” and the internet, thereby allowing Chip and PIN payments and e-commerce operations. ePOS systems may therefore be plain software used on an e-commerce website, connected with warehouse operations software, allowing online sales.

Do ePOS systems manage stock control?
An ePOS system from Wireless Terminal Solutions, will assist your business in stock management – with the ability to help highlight stock levels of top performing products so you can ensure you have adequate supplies. Stock control is one fantastic feature allowed by Electronic Points of Sale systems. In addition to this, it can also show you product lines that are not doing so well.

The result is a smoother running operation that has an infrastructure of practical stock management.

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