EPOS Systems
for Beauty Salons and Hairdressers

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Wireless Terminal Solutions are delighted to be able to offer complete POS systems for beauty salons, hairdressers, spas and similar types of service businesses.

Wireless Terminal Solutions have a wealth of experience in delivering state of the art ePOS units, with our primary objective in delivering simplicity for the end user. Our ePOS systems deliver reassurance to your business whilst maximising reliability and customisation that meets your business needs.

Our unique <a hr<s< span=””>pan id=”urn:enhancement-b7111066-ce55-b974-2180-0a45e0504fdd” class=”textannotation”>ef=”https://www.wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk/epos/” data-mce-href=”https://www.wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk/epos/”>ePOS systems have been designed with simplicity in mind, and are perfect for independent beauty salons right through to multi-site estates.

Our beauty salon ePOS systems are designed to become an integral mainstay to your business, and help benefit your day-to-day running, and they come fully loaded and equipped with powerful reporting facilities to help you minimise cost whilst maximising revenue.

WTS appreciate that people who work for a beauty salon or hairdressers frequently work long unsociable hours, and this is why so many salons and hairdressers have embraced our UK based technical support that works to support companies outside our usual office hours. Whatever the issue or query is, we will always look to support you and get the issue resolved.

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You're in control

Our ePOtextannotation”>extannotation”>S systems are extremely popular for salons at providing an effective diary management of bookings, deposit payc-4df5-3ec2-b06b-30336058fc31″ class=”textannotation”>ent-d3015e15-c54f-f264-dd0b-a3324dae2634″ class=”textannotation”>0″ span=”” class=”textannotation disambiguated wl-thing wl-no-link” itemid=”https://data.wordlift.io/wl0318/entity/product_business”> class=”textannotation”>m18e1″ clas<span< span=””> id=”urn:enhancement-4111a91e-f98f-15fe-73a2-fc59ebde874f” class=”textannotation”>s=”textannotation”>ent<s”urn:enhancement-2c7d495d-7cc8-2e15-3641-5242d8599e86″ class=”textannotation”>><;< span=””>/span>pan id=”urn:enhancement-70cb80ef-579f-4b19-6c97-f644b0a27fa4″ class=”textannotation”>s and v<span id=”urn:enhancement-1a27b917-4a3e-6cd5-9cd1-2f9c7c60cb98″ <spa< span=””>n id=”urn:enhancement-2f38fb77-852b-c689-ba0a-3ca2ce11c345″ class=”textannotation”>class=”textannotation”>ery easy to use POS features for sale of retail products and services whilst maintaining an unprecedented level of control. The ePOS system provides real-time nhancement-a971bd1b-f1a6-9b0d-9eaf-2012c1a3027d” class=”textannotation”>68-d030-7e26-fe8c5f3a8f37″ class=”textannotation”>reporting to staff, ensuring that only products in stock can be sold on the eP4-f73b-6b61-349a-21c5f60b541f” class=”textannotat id=”urn:enhancement-22ff353e-1354-9e0d-2544-84d2dc4b5574″ class=”textannotation”>tannotation”>ion”>OS unit. Access real-time product sal“textan/span>-7880-d257-dc0a-6761a78ac23a=” “=””>nota3eb-89b2-fed3411c58ac” class=”textannotation”>09272a761″ class=”textannotation”>ation”>es and span id=”urn:enhancement-0bc071f3-b185-caa6-74bb-cee2c607af2c” class=”textannotation”>tation”>n>individual employee performance information on a8-c21a-90e0967cc9b3″ class=”textannotation”>ny device from anywhere, at anytime of the day.

Our complete ePOS salon and hairdresser solution includes the key components which include:<span id=”urn:enhancement-ba6f8ff0-32e6-8a19-0954-2d65a27d7626″ class=”textannotation”> A state of the art ePOS system which comes with touch screen facility, cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, accessories and irelessterminalsolutions.co.uk/epos/”>ePOS application software. Som<s<< span=””>span id=”urn:enhancement-cb0a3b4c-8e14-d16c-011e-7f107b5955f3″ class=”textannotation”>pan id=”urn:enhancement-77e21489-424f-cf07-2d5c-54626d07fb7a” class=”textannotation”>e companies also choose us for their card terminal needs – please speak to a representative for more information.

After working extensively with salons and listening to their needs, one of the key features we’ve developed in our ePOS systems is security which is a fundamental part to any business. All our ePOS units ensure staff can be made accountable, so you have the power to identify any financial irregularities should they occur.

If your salon or hairdressers would like a free demonstration, get in touch with a member of the Wireless Terminal Solutions team today on 0345 459 9984 or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk.

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