EPOS Systems
for Takeaway Restaurants

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Wireless Terminal Solutions is a leading supplier of ePOS systems for takeaway restaurants in the UK. Based in Surrey, we work extensively with takeaway restaurants of all types to provide a tailored takeaway ePOS system to meet the needs of your business. WTS understand the takeaway industry and the set of unique requirements it has. Our selection of tailored takeaway ePOS systems are perfect for all types of UK takeaways.

When you speak to a customer representative, we will talk you through the options available to you, and the solution best suited to your takeaway restaurant. Our ePOS systems come with fully customisable menus and screens and your unit will come fully loaded with your products all ready installed. The ePOS units are intuitive, lightweight and robust with a clean layout

Other keys features include the ability to access real-time product sales for your takeaway business, and individual staff performance information on any device from anywhere, at anytime of the day. The takeaway ePOS unit we deliver is cloud based, and works both online and offline. Never lose a sale, even if your internet goes down. Our ePOS systems are used by hundreds of takeaway restaurants all over the UK, and the popularity in companies following suit and joining the ePOS revolution is growing week on week.

Why Pick An EPOS System?

An ePOS system will allow your takeaway restaurant to keep track of sales, staff, VAT and inventory, amongst other things. Not only will it be able to deliver a comprehensive sales report with individual employee performance metrics, but also inventory forecasting is made available. We offer flexible payment options and you can rent our ePOS systems on a short term to cover peak trading periods, or if you are looking for something more permanent you can commit to a long term lease agreement with flexible payment options.

Our solutions will provide your takeaway business with the necessary tools and management information you need to help you run a successful operation and more importantly, increase profit margins. If your takeaway outlet is spending time updating stock manually and generating reports, you are reducing the time you spend on handling the needs of your customers and impacting the growth of your takeaway business. Wireless Terminal Solutions’ long term ePOS rental packages deliver an efficient way for retail companies to manage their inventory and facilitate transactions with vendors and customers.

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