**Coronavirus Update**

If you have an order for an event/exhibition or anything else relating to a short term rental concerning a card terminal/POS system that results in you needing to cancel your hire due to the current coronavirus outbreak, please contact us immediately.

1a) In most instances your account will be credited, and you can use the money against a future hire. If your order has been deployed (or delivered) and the equipment hasn’t been used again we can look at crediting the account. A collection/delivery charge will still apply and that is non refundable.

We are not responsible for shipping delays caused by our chosen or preferred couriers which result in delays caused by the ongoing coronavirus – this also applies to same day deliveries and other orders including accessories. We will support customers wherever possible but have no control over companies’ policies during this difficult time.

We may revise these Terms and Conditions without prior warning based on the advice from the UK Government, World Health Organization or any other professional body. We may have to periodically change our Terms and Conditions, so please do not assume that the same terms will apply to future orders POS/Accessory orders.

Some changes may be subject to change at Wireless Terminal Solutions’ discretion. The team will review aspects from the pandemic periodically, and make any appropriate and necessary changes. Some of these changes are unforeseen but we will try to notify customers wherever possible.

No compensation will not be offered for customers on long term lease agreements who are impacted by events being cancelled.

Although our hardware is sanitised before deployment, we hold no liability for any potential cross contamination which you believe may stem from Wireless Terminal Solutions’ equipment.

If you need to self isolate and your terminal agreement is coming to an end, please contact us in the first instance to speak us on the matter.

Terms and Conditions

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Wireless Terminal Solutions Ltd. (“We”, “Us” or “Our”) a company registered under the laws of England, registration number 06811023 having its registered office at 14 Danbury Mews Wallington, SM6 0BY

– AND –

The Purchaser (“You” or “Your”) identified on the order form attached hereto (hereinafter “Order”).

It is hereby agreed:

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1) Your Order And Price

1.1 By placing Your Order with Us, You are agreeing to purchase the following (collectively the “Services”), subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement:

  1. a) Chip & PIN handset (either GPRS/GSM Wireless) and any specified accessories (“Handset”) either directly or through a hire agreement, configured for Your use;
  2. b) helpdesk and handset replacement service (“Guaranteed Replacement Service”) for technical assistance and replacement of faulty Handsets, and;
  3. c) airtime from a mobile network service provider for GPRS/GSM Handsets only (“Airtime Service”). Loss or damage to any SIM card provided by the company will result in a charge of £128.00 being taken from the deposit.

1.2 You may purchase the Handset directly from us or by completing and returning the purchase hire agreement (“Hire Agreement”). If you opt to lease the handset, You agree to be bound by the terms of the Hire Agreement and any breach of the Hire Agreement shall be considered a breach of this Agreement.

1.2 a) If you opt for a long term lease agreement on a POS or credit card machine and the customer or business 1) fall into arrears 2) cancels the direct debit during the agreement without our prior consent 3) changes bank account without notifying us 4) liquidates/dissolves their company 5) other situation – which results in the account being neglected, they will be liable for any outstanding monies owed on the account and/or will incur a final settlement figure from our funding partner. If the customer ignores this or fails to pay this, legal proceedings will commence and additional charges may apply which the customer will be liable for.

1.2 b) We try and contact all customers towards the end of their long term lease agreement(s) however in some cases this isn’t always possible. In the event a customer doesn’t notify us of wanting to end their lease agreement, their account will automatically enter secondary terms which means the customer will need to provide us (in writing) confirmation of their desire to end their long term lease agreement. We request all correspondence is sent via email (not postal) and once this has been acknowledged the account will automatically enter the 30 day notice period.

1.3  The price for the initial set up (“Set-up Cost”), Handset, or the monthly rental cost for the Handset and minimum term for the Hire Agreement (as may apply) (“Handset Costs”), accessories and the Airtime Service monthly cost (“Airtime Cost””) (if applicable) are set out in the Order. The Handset Costs include the Guaranteed Replacement Service for the duration of this Agreement.

1.4 For the Airtime Cost (if the customer opts to purchase the card machine or hardware outright), we request payment to be set up by direct debit for the SIM card before the handset is deployed. Failure to make payment for the SIM card at any point may result in the handset before cut off.

1.5 The Airtime Cost is based on a “reasonable use” number of transactions, should you consistently conduct a high number of transactions we reserve the right to increase the Airtime Cost to reflect your actual level of usage. Failure to agree to this may result in the SIM being cut off.

1.6 When we receive Your Order We shall share such information as is relevant with specified third parties solely for the purpose of performing necessary checks and for provision of the Services (i.e. submitting the subsequent log-on to the relevant merchant acquirer). In signing the Order You hereby consent to your details being used for such purposes.

1.7 On acceptance of Your Order by Us, We agree to supply the Services to You for the duration of this Agreement. You have 7 days (including weekends) prior to the date of deployment to cancel any subsequent booking(s), after which time no order may be cancelled unless agreed by Us in writing and subject to You paying Us a £25 admin fee and 50% of your total point of sale rental which includes all hire purchases (the fee excludes postage). Wireless Terminal Solutions cannot be held responsible for any information that the customer completes incorrectly on any rental form(s) which is either a) incorrect b) does not correspond with the merchant acquirer’s system. If this results in the applicant’s terminal being delayed, additional charges for same day delivery or AM delivery request will be at the customer’s expense. We request that all invoices are paid seven working days before deployment. Failure to do so may result in your terminal being delayed which we cannot be held responsible for. Ad hoc charges or charges relating to an extension on an existing order – payment needs to be made within 7 days. If payment has been made by BACS we would request remittance to be sent to info@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk accounts@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk stating the order details.

1.8 You acknowledge that as a business to business transaction you have no rights for returns or cancellations under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. You are responsible for checking the handset(s) meets your requirements, and there is adequate mobile network coverage in the areas in which you plan to use the handset (in some instances we shall inform you of which network provider is being used and alternatives that may be available).

1.9 All handsets will be fully operational prior to dispatch, we cannot be held responsible for a terminal failing to poll. Situations like this are unforeseen and are beyond our control. We as a company cannot be held responsible and shall remain exempt from all handset issues that arise whilst in the customer’s possession and this extends to all levels of connectivity which may materialise in any of our handset models which result in lost sales. As a company we aim to supply contactless terminals wherever possible, however this is subject to availability, and this will still be deemed a completed order once in the customer possession.

1.9 a) Wireless Terminal Solutions require a minimum of 10 working days’ notice to fulfil any orders. In the event of late bookings being accepted by us; all information stated on the application form, must be correct in order to correspond with the bank’s system. We cannot be held responsible for errors made by either a) the customer on the application form b) the acquiring bank in getting the handset logged on that may defer in the customer receiving their handset. In the instance of an acquiring bank “logging off” a handset(s) in error or the MAC Keys being in the wrong range at the acquirer’s end if the customer requests compensation, they must take up an internal investigation with the merchant acquirer.

1.9 b) With portable card machines/countertop card machines we are not obliged to include any network cabling. We solely look to supply the hardware/card machine and cannot be held responsible for any loss of earnings.

1.9 c) All POS devices that connect using Wi-Fi are rigorously checked before deployment, and it is normally company policy to review the hardware internally (upon its return) before we confirm our findings. If no fault is found with the hardware then no compensation will be offered. A Wi-Fi infrastructure is beyond our control and we have no responsibility towards this or any instances where the hardware fails to connect.