Wireless Terminal Solutions are a leading supplier in delivering cash registers to UK businesses which run alongside your ePOS system. A cash register is an integral piece of equipment to any company. A cash register gives businesses the ability to monitor and control payments which is vital to any business. You can rent our cash registers on a short term or long term period with competitive pricing to reflect this. Wireless Terminal Solutions’ cash registers will develop the way you manage your payments for you and your business and improve administration whilst benefitting your normal day-to-day running.

Our cash registers are available programmed or un-programmed based on your requirement. If your business opts to programme its own cash register, the un-programmed option is best suited for you. Choosing this option means your business will receive the cash register and manual ready for you to set you as you require. Rest in the knowledge that our UK based technical team will be on hand to support you and your business throughout the process. If you are looking for an ePOS engineer to come out to your site premises to support you on this, please get in touch.

Why Choose a Cash Register?

The other solution is to go with a programmed cash register. The advantage of choosing this option, means your cash register will arrive ready and working tailored to your desired specification, complete with our user guide, and our friendly ePOS team will be able to provide UK based telephone support which includes evenings and weekends, so just because our offices close at 5.30, we continue to serve our customers outside these core hours. If your business decides to choose the programmed cash register option, this will provide your business and staff with flexibility and peace of mind that there is someone on the end of the phone to assist with your enquiry.

All cash registers deployed by Wireless Terminal Solutions come with the swap out facility giving customers peace of mind. In short, we have a cash register to suit every business and environment. If you have a specific request or requirement we’d invite customers to get in touch to see whether we can tailor a bespoke solution to your requirement. If you have a requirement for specific quantities of hardware, WTS are able to provide applicable quotations with flexible payments to reflect this. With over 35 years industry knowledge, WTS are capable of undertaking any size project from a single till point to multi-site systems and this is reflected in our extensive client portfolio.

When you receive a quote for your cash register, there are no hidden extras – the cost you are given is solely for the cash register and that comes inclusive with technical support. Everything will be detailed on a simple clear concise email detailing the length of the hire and the price you will pay. If you require more than one cash register, why not take advantage of our reduced pricing for multiple units? We look forward to serving your business.

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