How to accept credit card payments using a mobile card machine

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Mobile card machines are rapidly expanding as consumers gravitate towards a paper-moneyless society. As more and more business trade from more than one set location, it is imperative for business owners to get equipped with sufficient technology to support them.

Mobile card machines have been around for a long time but the popularity in contactless enabled technology is seeing them used on a bigger scale.

In which industries are mobile card machines popular?

Mobile card machines are perfect for a business or sole trader that trades away from a fixed location and doesn’t have designated access to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. They are widely used by mobile traders, people who attend exhibitions and local tradesman, for example our customer who is a leading Richmond plumber uses them, or our customer who is one of the top locksmiths in Brighton also rates them 10 out of 10.  It’s not just tradesmen who get value from their portable nature. The owner or a top nursery in Hove swears by them as a way to take payment and we’ve even got a customer who runs makeup courses in Manchester and uses them to take payments during the classes! Mobile card machines are clearly a benefit to any business due to their versatile nature.

What are the benefits of a mobile card machine?

Take advantage of flexibility and utilise multiple opportunities with 24/7 connectivity using our mobile card machines.

  • Mobile card machines are super simple to use. Literally a case of taking it out the box, switching on and the customer can be “operational”
  • Super quick set up. Customers can be operational with the latest contactless enabled portable credit card readers in 2-3 working days providing they have a merchant account
  • Re-invent the mobile card payment experience
  • Mobile payment options are on the rise as consumers discover the benefits of being able to make easy purchases

How much does it cost to lease a mobile card machine?

As a rule of thumb, prices on a mobile card machine lease generally range from £13-£25 a month based on which provider you choose. There are a few other factors a business owner needs to consider before committing to a long term lease. What support comes with the mobile card machine? Will you have your own dedicated manager? What happens if my mobile card machine breaks down?  What lease terms are available on a mobile card machine?

If you choose Wireless Terminal Solutions for your mobile card machine requirements you are choosing one of the UK’s leading payment machine suppliers and our least agreements start from as little as one day! We make it as simple as possible for the business owner, you rent the mobile card machine for as long as you want and our friendly UK based team will price accordingly with no hidden extras.

Want to know more about mobile card machines?

Please contact a representative from Wireless Terminal Solutions today on 0345 459 9984 or request a call back at a time to suit you. Alternatively you can email us directly We offer FREE impartial advice to businesses who are contemplating accepting payments using a mobile card machine.