Ingenico EFT 930G/B/S Printer Cover

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Ingenico EFT 930G/B/S Printer Cover


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Ingenico Printer Cover

Colour: Grey

Replacement lid for printer compartment.

Wireless Terminal Solutions offer the Ingenico EFT Series terminal printer cover. The Ingenico EFT printer cover does not include the Ingenico EFT series roller (this will need to be purchased separately, but is also available through our online store).

To install the Ingenico EFT Series terminal printer cover, please follow these simple steps:

  • Disconnect the old/faulty flap
  • Connect the new terminal printer cover ensuring the two plastic clips are connected
  • Close the lid and perform a print release to ensure the terminal prints correctly

General problems that can arise, and may result in you requiring a new Ingenico EFT printer cover are:

  • Problems with printing (either right or left hand side or printer paper)
  • Terminal lid will not clip together correctly
  • Part of the Ingenico EFT printer cover is missing needing a new lid connected

If you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, a replacement Ingenico EFT printer cover will be required. If you still have the Ingenico EFT Roller, please retain this, and add the roller to the new lid for successful operation. If not, please add an Ingenico EFT roller to the shopping cart and we can have both units shipped to you for one low cost.

WTS are a market leader for Ingenico card machine accessories. If you were looking to purchase multiple lids for the Ingenico EFT930, please contact us directly on 0345 459 9984 or email