Innovia Systems Verus™ D Desktop Dip Polymer Note Validator

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Innovia Systems Verus™ D Desktop Dip Polymer Note Validator


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Innovia Systems Verus™ D is a compact, desktop unit developed for retail and higher value transaction points such as supermarkets, bespoke interior designers, ticketing vendors and bank branches for ease of polymer note authentication.

The Bank of England announced that the next range of banknotes will be printed on Guardian® substrate Polymer, a thin flexible film rather than traditional cotton paper. The new £5 note was launched in September 2016 and features Sir Winston Churchill on one side and Her Majesty the Queen on the reverse.

Polymer banknotes are already used in a large number of countries around the world including Canada, New Zealand and Australia to name but a few. Polymer banknotes are more secure, cleaner and more durable than paper banknotes. The Bank of England says that they will deliver enhanced counterfeit resilience, and increase the general quality of banknotes in circulation.

The new £10 banknote will be launched in early 2017, and it is strongly anticipated that a £20 note will be in circulation in the next 3-4 years. The new polymer banknotes will be around 15% smaller than they are currently.

Description Features, Verus™ D Desktop Dip Polymer Note Validator:

Enhanced functionality and compatibility with POS equipment

Builds customer confidence in note circulation

Provides support and reassurance for cashiers and retail staff

Removal of threat of counterfeits at first point of passing

Simple to use, and immediate confirmation

Simple operation and instant feedback

Recharge via industry standard USB to Mini USB cable (included)

Currently authenticates 80 denominations in 24 countries worldwide…

To discuss or learn more about the handheld polymer note validator desktop version please contact 0345 459 9984 or email

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