How can small business owners support their staff after lockdown has been lifted?

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  3. How can small business owners support their staff after lockdown has been lifted?

Back in January, little was known about Covid-19 and Coronavirus and what was approaching. It has overwhelmed the world in a way none of us could have anticipated, even as I write this, the UK is in lockdown and the impact has had a crippling effect on global economies meaning small businesses are having to focus on the morale of their staff.

The full fallout and impact from this deadly pandemic is yet to be known, and whilst many speculate over the long term implications this may have, only time will tell. For small business owners there are various steps and contingency plans you can entertain to help minimise the damage to your small business. It is important to identify needs for your small business going forward.

Identify your competitors’ goals and target demographic

Now is the ideal time to review and analyse your competitors. Regardless of what sector you trade from, look at your rivals and see how they are adapting during this surreal time. What are they doing differently to you, and how are their decisions impacting the growth of their business. Have they implemented any temporary measures during Covid-19 to maintain a day to day operational functionality?Make notes on competitors products which you could potentially introduce in time, and also implement goal-setting strategies and identify reasons of how you can best utilise and exploit these. It is important for small business owners to make their goals manageable in the current climate, whilst implementing a short and long term strategy.

Small Business owners need to plan ahead after lockdown

It goes without saying that when things do return to some normality, small business owners’ primary objective will be to generate sales, boost the morale of your staff and get the day to day running of their business up to speed. After the last 2 months many staff will need one to one support, and may require in-house training to manage this going forward.

How to recognise your staff after lockdown has ended?

Recognisingstaff value for any small business owner is a must. Sounds simple enough, but after the lockdown period has ended, it is imperative to make staff for your small business feel valued whilst providing each and every member of the team with the recognition they deserve. You can express and convey this in a variety of ways. A one to one is often a good starting point, as its very personal and will allow for any questions to be raised from either party. As a small business owner identify what you want to achieve and how you can mutually achieve this. Listen to your staff’s feedback, as it will make them feel valued.

Thank your staff after quarantine has ended

It really sounds simple, and may be overlooked by some business owners. We live in a world of uncertainty at the moment, and the last few months has had a detrimental impact on people’s happiness and wellbeing. When we do return to work, it is so important to generate a happy feel good atmosphere to work in. A verbal thank you to your staff for remaining loyal and thanking them for their efforts is perfect and personal. Alternatively you could write a short personal letter to each member of the team and leave it at their work station.

Celebrating a member of staff’s Birthday

This maybe something you currently do, but if you don’t…. introduce it! Buying a simple cake and having a cup of tea or coffee to toast someone’s special day, will allow staff to engage and create a positive working environment. It shows empathy from the small business owner and shows you have a genuine interest in your staff.

How else can a small business owner reward staff after Covid-19?

It will be some time before normality resumes and it is safe to say the remainder of 2020 will be a time of uncertainty for many. If you are looking at other ways to reward staff for individual performances or just looking to offer incentives to encourage a stronger work ethic small business owners could look at introducing a unique benefit package where staff are rewarded with little incentives or commission. Is it time to review flexible working conditions if staff have to perform to certain criteria. For many who have worked from home or remotely during the last few months, they’ve had no choice but to adapt and reverting back to an office work environment may be harder that it appears.

Recognising staff performance is pivotal. Offering a bottle of wine, or some sparkly prosecco to toast a staff member’s efforts goes a long way. In time (and when restrictions are lifted at pubs), you could transfer this to engagement to a post work drink which strengthens morale.

The greater emphasis you implement on perks and other such bits there is a greater chance staff will feel appreciated and valued. What tips would you recommend for building staff morale after lockdown has ended? Please comment below or email us directly.

Keep safe!