Your probably familiar with the term ‘PDQ machine’ which means – “Process Data Quickly” Many retail owners have come up with their own rather tongue in cheek glossary for the aforementioned term over the past few years with PDQ being referred to as “pretty damn quick” but as technology continues to improve, business owners are now demanding SDQ machines (Super damn quick) card machines.

Customers don’t have time to waste. You could argue that we’re losing the art of patience as a nation, but it’s really just because we’re all busy, and new technology available to consumers means people will know if there’s quicker service available elsewhere.

So which feature of your business needs to be SDQ?

People’s frustration Online

If you think customers are impatient in-person, they are often worse from the comfort of their living room. A recent report found:

62% of online shoppers expect web pages to load in 2 seconds or less

A 1 second delay can result in a 16% drop in sales

And 84% of shoppers who have a bad experience on your website won’t be back

Service in person – Playing the Waiting Game

A report by Time Out found that 71% of people surveyed wouldn’t tolerate slow or inattentive service in bars, pubs, cafes or restaurants.

And the prevalence of fast food outlets may be contributing to this impatience. We live in a fast paced society where speed and efficiency is paramount. There is no room for error.  Time is of the essence.

With the power of social media, people will often show their displeasure via means of social media which can highlight a companies inadequacies, putting of other as a result.

Painfully slow Card Machines

I’m sure we can all relate to the following scenario. You desperately need to get in and out of a shop, only to be greeted by a lengthy queue when you come to pay, and you are held up further as the card machine is painfully slow

You look behind you, and you see the queue continuing to grow and displeasure is apparent on people’s faces, the person behind the till buckles under pressure, and you think to yourself: “I knew I should have gone to the place down the road”

Straight away you’re implanted with a negative vision on the shopping experience, and this often deters customers from returning to the store, losing out on future sales as a result.

As a business owner, you may not be directly responsible for a poor performing card machine, but you are responsible for choosing the right equipment and service. Ultimately, it will reflect on your business. Many owners don’t shop around, choosing a facility which may not necessarily be right for the business. It is imperative you explore all options available to you, and make the most of your card machine