About Wireless Terminal Solutions

Wireless Terminal Solutions are an exhibition specialist and have worked extensively in this sector since their launch back in 2009. Our GPRS card machines are used by organisers and exhibitors alike and allow companies to exploit every sales opportunity to its maximum.  Wireless Terminal Solutions deliver the most comprehensive range of payment card machines for events which include portable, Wi-Fi and countertop. Since 2016 the company has now extended this to ePOS systems which sit perfectly alongside the handsets.

The Client

Clarion Events need no introduction. They are regarded as one of the world’s best event organisers, and host many of the leading shows in the industry. Established back in 1947, their shows see over 1,000,000+visitors pass through the doors each year. The UK office is conveniently based in the affluent SW6 area, and they also have offices in 12 other countries including Germany, Singapore and the USA. They host many of the UK’s leading consumer shows including The Baby Show, The Spirit of Christmas Fair & the Classic Motor Show. Clarion came on board with Wireless Terminal Solutions in early 2017.

The Challenge

Clarion Events needed a reliable, reputable card machine supplier for both their operation teams and exhibitors. Clarion had been actively recommended to Wireless Terminal Solutions from some of the exhibitors who had used the services of our short term payment facilities at the various events Clarion Host.

Clarion not only required contactless card machines to support the operation team during peak periods and eliminate any potential lengthy queues but also a card terminal that was reliable and efficient. It was also paramount to have a terminal supplier that had their own in-house technical support which was accessible at weekends where most of the events took place.

Why choose a GPRS credit card terminal?

Quite simply they are the card terminal of choice for the exhibition and festival circuit. Not only are they mobile, but you do not need costly Wi-Fi or Ethernet facilities to operate them. The card terminals are linked to the organiser’s or exhibitor’s merchant account before they are deployed and when they arrive with the customer the handsets are ready to go. With a battery life of up to 80hours and a base/charger included, businesses can rest in the knowledge that even if their stand doesn’t have an electrical point their card terminal will still work.

Can a credit card machine work abroad?

Wireless Terminal Solutions don’t just specialise in UK short term rentals on card machines. The last few years have seen many of our customers taking our credit card machines across the world and our hardware has been used in many countries including Germany, Italy, France and USA. If you are looking for a mobile card terminal for use abroad choosing our international sim will allow you to accept payments almost anywhere.

Contact us

Are you an organiser or exhibitor and your business is still operating a cash only policy? You will find the vast majority of visitors that attend a show expect to have the option to pay on a debit or credit card. Rest in the knowledge that if you do opt for a card machine rental, you don’t have to commit to unnecessary contract terms. Working with event organisers directly, Wireless Terminal Solutions offer concessionary rates to exhibitors directly. If you’d like to learn more about card machine rentals for exhibitions, please call 0345 459 9984 or via the website: https://www.wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk/contact-us/.

[us_testimonial style=”1″ author=” Evie, Operations Executive at Clarion”]The transition from our previous supplier, over to Wireless Terminal Solutions was extremely easy, simple and smooth! The technical team whilst we are onsite at events are great and very quick to respond to any technical issues we may be having (although they are few and far between!) For us, it is essential we can get support whenever it is needed, heavily relying on PDQ machines for most of our events. I would highly recommend using Wireless Terminal Solutions for their great customer service and efficiency![/us_testimonial]