Based in Addlestone, Surrey and covering the affluent areas of Chertsey & Weybridge, Image Cars has built up an unrivalled reputation for private hire chauffeur and taxi service. With over 25 years experience, it is the go-to chauffeur service for reliability. The expansive range of vehicles includes a standard saloon taxi to MPV taxis and 8 to 16-seater taxis.

Image cars has built a reputation on being efficient, punctual, courteous and helpful. Andy from the company came to Wireless Terminal Solutions in early 2017 and required multiple units including countertop credit card machines . It was imperative for Image Cars to choose a supplier that was not only reliable, but also delivered the latest in contactless technology.

[us_testimonial style=”1″ author=”Andy Cook” company=”Image Cars”] “The countertop credit card machines are primarily used to take card payments over the phone for customers wishing to pay for their bookings or to pay for their invoices. We also have mobile credit card machines which the drivers use, which delivers a very personal service for customers.
Outside the latest payment card machines, we also chose Wireless Terminal Solutions as they could save us money on our existing merchant provider. The process was very straightforward, and I’d be happy to recommend the company for customers looking to save money on their merchant rates

Renting a countertop Short card machine 

Wireless Terminal Solutions specialise in countertop card terminals which are perfect for supporting retail companies during peak trading periods. If you’re looking for a short term countertop rental then call us today. Our countertop machines are available from as little as 24hours and there is no arduous paperwork to complete. Even when you receive your countertop terminal, we will continue to support you with our bespoke in house technical support.

Why choose a countertop card machine?

Most popular in the traditional retail setting a countertop card machine is ideal for businesses wishing to take card payments at a till or service point. They deliver a professional image and are extremely easy to set up. In addition to this they are also contactless enabled, supporting your business during peak trading periods.

Would a card machine benefit my business?

In this day and age, most customers assume businesses have the option to pay by card, and by not giving customers this option, it could prevent them from doing business with us. It is important to give customers the chance to pay by card as more and more are choosing this method over cash, and you may see a rise in profits as a direct result with it adding credibility to potential customers.

How quickly does it take to set up a countertop card machine?

If the business already has an existing merchant account and we can have you equipped with a countertop card machine in as little as 24 hours. If you are new to cards you will need to set up a merchant account (which we can of course support you on) and the process will typically take 3 working days.

If you are looking to get a countertop card machine please get in touch with a member of the sales team 0345 459 9994 or email