Skoolkit are a family run business based in Hampshire providing school uniform in the UK for over 25 years.  Skoolkit sells uniform specifically designed to meet the requirements of the tough school day at a stand-out service level for schoolwear retail and trade supply.

The card terminals are primarily used for face to face transactions at parents evenings that the business attends at various schools in the Hampshire area. The card machines have also been used for telephone orders for customers paying trade invoices and as a backup for fixed-line, ‘over IP’ payment-processing in their retail stores.

The card machines were purchased outright in 2014 and have been particularly beneficial for the staff to process payments “on the go.”

Sean Davidson comments on the benefits the purchased card machines have made to the operation of the company: “the nature of our business means we also have to go to the customers directly in the early summer season and having mobile card machines allows us to process payments promptly and efficiently and ensures we are able to meet our service obligations.

The roaming-sim PDQ machines now supplied by WTS allowed us to offer card processing at more venues than was previously the case and their technical and customer support to us has been excellent.

In the initial phone call to them, we were provided with a detailed email which provided all costs and the provision of an account manager was reassuring. We opted to purchase the card terminals outright, as this eliminated monthly rental costs for periods of  low use and proved to offer the most viable option to meet the company’s requirements.”

If you are a business that operates an “on the go” nature, perhaps it’s time you invested in a payment facility that meets with your company’s expectations. Our chip and pin machines are significantly designed to help your business increase sales and the Ingenico contactless PDQ machines ensure its quicker and easier for your customers to pay.

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