Bin the bank! Why Small Businesses Are Switching To Alternative Providers

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In days gone by if you were a small business looking to take payments the only choices you had were the traditional banks.  Fast forward to now and although alternative merchant service providers have been available for a number of years, it is only fairly recently that small businesses have been able to choose alternatives to mainstream banks for merchant services.  It seems that there is a strong movement towards merchant service providers like us. So why are small businesses making the move to alternative service providers?  The biggest reason is cost.  Merchant service providers like us have an advantage over a bank’s traditional customer base, which is to negotiate better rates with the banks, and pass the saving onto your business.  We can do this because we represent hundreds of customers.  The more customers we have, the more we are able to negotiate and get the best rates possible.

When you start out with a merchant service provider for your merchant services and payment terminals, you get the peace of mind that we’re working in your business’s best interest and for the long term.  You also can make huge savings compared to business banking rates from the large, mainstream banks. Another big reason is trust.  Businesses used to trust banks implicitly because of their size and scale, but this isn’t always the case these days.  With the recent banking crises, small businesses and sole traders are reluctant to trust big mainstream banks. Recent surveys suggest that when it comes to trust, second hand car dealers are preferred to big banks!  Years of treating businesses poorly, and almost ruining the economy, has dealt the big banks a huge blow when it comes to trust.

Because of this alarming trend, merchant service providers now seem more trustworthy and this has a profound impact on the choices made by small businesses.  We pride ourselves on this; giving you the best advice available, with the best rates possible.  You can be sure to trust us when it comes to merchant services. We can also differentiate ourselves from banks through great customer service.  We won’t treat you the way big banks do; they see you as just another customer.  You have to expend valuable time getting help and support from banks who won’t always give you the advice that benefits you.

When dealing with us, you can be sure that we will provide excellent after sales support, treating you with honesty, respect and courtesy.  We will always answer the phone; we will go the extra mile to support you. If you’re at the end of your contract with a mainstream bank; if you’re a small business or sole trader looking to start out then consider switching away from the traditional banks to modern, trustworthy, alternative merchant service providers like us.

Contact us for a quote, to discuss your requirements and get a feel for us as a company; you may just find us a great alternative to your business bank.