What are 4 Ways to make the most of Autumn for your small business?

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  3. What are 4 Ways to make the most of Autumn for your small business?

The last few weeks have felt noticeably fresher. The balmy heat wave in July and August seems a thing of the past, and if you go into any clothing shop, most are now stocked ahead of the winter season.  Autumn is primarily the busiest and most hectic time of the year for SME business owners. Coming in to the final three months of 2018, how will you make the most of Autumn in your small business?

Autumn is the time for meeting new and old customers at exhibitions and consumer events. As a business owner how can you utilise this time of the year to your advantage to increase profit margins. Here are just a few suggestions:

Start working on the festive period

If your small business is dependent on the festive period, now is the time to start implementing the previous 9 months hard work. If your business sells to retailers, go and secure orders. If your business delivers a service or product that is in great demand during the winter months, start working on your marketing and build your social media presence around it. The next quarter is absolutely pivotal to the long term growth of your company.

Attend exhibitions

Exhibitions are a great way to build brand awareness and raise the profile of your business. The UK is blessed with some fantastic exhibition venues; SECC, Olympia, Excel and the NEC to name but a few but there are some which are considerably smaller but will equally give your business great exposure. Exhibitions and trade events bring together a lot of highly targeted customers in one set location, and the majority who attend these events are often looking for new solutions, products or suppliers. A simple search on Google and you’ll invariably find trade shows relating to specific industries which will allow you to target new customers.

Develop a strategic marketing plan

If Autumn isn’t your busiest trading period, then why not start planning for 2019. Think practically on ways you can grow your business and the steps you need to implement. Talk with your staff and get their thoughts and suggestions as they may offer an insight or come from a different perspective. Implement a plan that is financially viable whilst also looking at potential pitfalls and financial implications along the way.

Get your small business a card machine

If you are attending an event or exhibition or you frequently trade away from your set location do you have a payment infrastructure to support you? More and more people expect to be able to pay by card and if you don’t have the correct infrastructure you may ultimately be losing money in the long run. Wireless Terminal Solutions offer the latest in mobile card payment technology which will empower your business to get equipped with the latest in payment innovations. Introducing a mobile card machine will enhance your businesses credibility, and add to your reputation whilst also allowing you to process card payments safely and securely. As a business owner you will also have peace of mind as you will invariably be handling less cash.

What suggestions would you make for a business ahead of the Autumnal period? As ever we’d love to know your thoughts on the matter, comment below or email us.