What are 6 Ways to Better Manage Work stress in the build up to Christmas?

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  3. What are 6 Ways to Better Manage Work stress in the build up to Christmas?

We are now in December and there are just weeks remaining of 2018. Now is the perfect opportunity to take a moment to contemplate and reflect. Many people’s schedules are incredibly busy this time of year. First of all you may be in your peak trading period, in addition having to attend various social functions with your clients, associates and business partners. Here are a few tips to reduce stress in the build up to Christmas.

Is Christmas a good time to invest money in my business?

This may sound a ridiculous suggestion, but in reality it isn’t! Studies have shown that roughly 25%-40% of yearly sales for small businesses take place in the final two months of the year! You will need a simple way to cope with the demand whilst ensuring customer satisfaction. Invest in a POS, ePOS system like a contactless card machine. You can process transactions almost instantaneously, and it will help keep stress levels down both amongst your staff and customers queuing.

Is it ok to say no to social functions at Christmas?

It’s Okay to Say No, this time of year can be incredibly hectic, with intense work and social schedules. Do not feel pressurised to attend every social bash. If you do not have time, it is quite acceptable to say no. It is pivotal as a business owner to prioritise what is important to you and structure your schedule accordingly. It is important to avoid taking on too many new projects or attend social events. Failure to do this can cause undue stress which can be catastrophic.

Is it time to give back to the local community?

Giving Back is a great way to distress and unwind. If you’ve had a successful year in business, maybe it is time to take yourself out of your comfort zone and give back. Not only will you get something positive from this, but you can support local community projects for worthwhile causes. It may only be a couple of hours but a simple activity like this can help put things in perspective and give you a different outlook on things. If you work in a small team why not all muck in and make a team building exercise from it. Places like Twitter are a great place to start to find out what is going on locally. An activity like this can inspire others and provide you with a positive outlook, to get through the holiday season stress-free.

Can outlining short term goals relieve stress?

Yes it can! As 2018 slowly draws to a close and the memories of the summer and wall to wall sunshine slowly ebb away, you may reflect on the achievements both as a boss and business owner or perhaps the goals you didn’t quite achieve. Now is the time to pencil in some short term strategies and goals remaining clear and focused. This will not only reflect favourably on, but will also make you feel significantly better about the short-term and long-term, and will hopefully set you on a good path for 2019.

Are seasons e-greetings the way forward?

Try an Email Christmas Message This Year: The idea of sending bulk Christmas cards to your clients is great, but extremely costly and often time consuming. Take a fresh approach this year and adopt an email Christmas message. This should free up time and allow you to focus on more pressing aspects. An electronic Christmas card is fun and easy and it is also better for the environment and should minimise stress.

What tips would you share to better manage work stress in the build up to Christmas? As ever we’d love to know your thoughts get in touch below or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk.