Don’t be left out in the cold with old technology.

As the Beast from the East grips the UK, there is SNOW way your business can cope without contactless technology. You’ve probably heard about it, you may have read about it, you may have even spoken about it, but what exactly is contactless? The majority of UK banks now issue credit and debit as contactless cards. This delivers convenience to customers as it allows them to pay for goods and items under £30 with no need for the traditional Chip and PIN method. The simple pay and wave on the contactless card reader allows you to pay for services or goods quickly and securely.

What is contactless technology?

It’s hard to imagine but contactless technology was introduced to the UK back in 2007. Contactless technology uses NFC technology that allows for instant data transmission among devices that are in a close proximity (generally a few centimetres apart). The technology is based on radio-frequency identification technology (RFID), which has now been integrated into payment technology. In recent years the technology has been integrated into card machines and POS systems and enables a dedicated channel that allows the technology to send and receive information which enables payment authorisation in a prompt, safe and secure manner and best of all there is no need to insert or swipe your debit and credit card. If the contactless transaction is successful, the card machine will confirm that it has gone through.

How do I know if my debit or credit card is contactless?

All contactless cards have the contactless symbol displayed on the side of the card. It is a symbol that can be best described as four curved lines radiating rightwards. It is very similar to a Wi-Fi symbol lying on its side.

Is it possible that a contactless payment could be debited from my account twice?

This is one of the biggest concerns for many customers but be reassured, no. Contactless card readers only have the ability to make one transaction at a time. As a precautionary measure, each sale or purchase must be complete or void before another transaction can take place. Contactless Chip and PIN card machines contain anti-fraud technology to keep your information safe and secure, meaning a contactless transaction is just as safe as the traditional Chip and PIN method.

What are the costs involved for making a contactless payment?

You only pay whatever you spend at the cash register.

What are some of the advantages of using a contactless card?

The list is vast and extensive, the main being making it much easier and quicker to pay for items. This can have a huge impact in retail settings and shops that are usually really busy. So if you normally have a queue for your morning espresso, it should make it both easier for the customer and business owner.

Is it important for a business to accept card payments?

Yes, the popularity in the technology is growing year on year and more and more customers are wanting to pay by card. A recent report published by Visa’s Digital Payments reported that more than one third of the card payments made in June 2017 in the UK were contactless. Customers expect the option to pay by contactless and it’s imperative to give them what they want. Having contactless technology can also eliminate queues during peak trading periods improving customer service so get equipped for 2018.

Where can I get a Contactless PDQ terminal?

All of the card machines Wireless Terminal Solutions deploy on a long term basis are contactless enabled giving your business peace of mind. Our contactless card machines are available on flexible payment terms and cost effective lease terms and are available in four main models which includes: countertop, mobile, portable and mobile meaning your business can accept contactless technology anywhere regardless of where you trade. They will also allow customers to pay for goods and services quickly. To learn more about contactless technology please get in touch with the team or email