Wireless Terminal Solutions Appointed Official Contractors to This Summer’s Foodies Festival

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  3. Wireless Terminal Solutions Appointed Official Contractors to This Summer’s Foodies Festival

Contactless technology; no need for costly Wi-Fi- secure payment systems; increased revenue – these all sound good to an exhibitor attending a food festival, right? They sound good to the organisers of the Foodies Festival too, which is why the Media Company have appointed Wireless Terminal Solutions as the official contractor of contactless card payment facilities and EPOS solutions for the sixth year in a row.  Our card machines are wireless, and offer the contactless function enabling exhibitors to process payments quickly and easy wherever they are trading.

Lengthy queues can impact customer satisfaction which can result in lost sales

It can be frustrating, and we’ve all had an experience of it whether be it at Christmas, or just down the local pub, but no-one likes queuing. At an outdoor food festival, where purchases are the festival’s bread and butter (poor pun I know, but it had to be done), long queues can have a detrimental impact and result in lost sales. You may have a regular card machine within your business premises that you aren’t able to take offsite for one reason or another. Our short term card machine solution enables exhibitors to accept card payments at the Foodies Festival and therefore operate cashless payments, reducing average transaction time to half a second. The speed and ease of purchasing with a contactless card machine encourages more spending, and improves the user experience.

Not only will it increase safety, as you will have less cash on site, it will allow you to focus on your strengths which is ultimately running your business, and the card machine provides an end of day banking report detailing all transactions.

No lengthy contracts

Our short term rental on card terminals is ideal for outdoor food festivals, as we can supply the necessary equipment based on the length of the show. Many companies who use our short term card machine rental are a seasonal business and only need a credit card machine 2-3 times a year. Instead of tying them into a costly contract period, we provide short term solutions that suit you, and our prices are competitive and flexible. We also supply EPOS units to the Foodies Festival and other events which are a great way to monitor stock management.

Wireless Terminal Solutions are actively promoted and endorsed by the organisers of the Foodies Festival, whom themselves use our card machines! We also specialise in late bookings, so if you have booked a last minute stand rest in the knowledge, we will be there to ensure you get equipped with a credit card terminal. With our advanced knowledge of the exhibition industry, we understand how exasperating preparing for a food festival can be, and sometimes things can be left to the last minute. We are accredited to work with every UK acquiring bank, and in most cases we can have a contactless PDQ terminal set up in 24-36 hours. We will strive to get you equipped with a card machine where other card terminal providers simply can’t. If you are an exhibitor at this summer’s Foodies Festival speak with us today on 0208 669 2103 or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk where a consultant will handle your enquiry.