Card Terminals

When serving your customers, it’s good to have various flexible payment options. You’ll need a card terminal with multiple functions and use situations. Are you planning a sales event soon, or do you want a credit card processing terminal that is compatible with Android and Apple Pay?

Wireless Terminal Solutions is a wireless payment solutions company. We help both small and big businesses achieve their goals by simplifying their card terminal transactions. Our card machines offer a fast and efficient way to receive money straight into your bank account. They are built to meet modern technological needs and facilitate business growth.

Card Terminal FAQs

Do you need card terminals for short-term hire?
It is always good to have options. While we offer long term plans with flexible contracts, we also recognise that not everybody wants one. For instance, if you are organising a single night fundraising gala or a charity show, it would make business sense to have a short-term plan on your card terminal.

A WTS, we have a short-term hire solution specifically for this purpose. Our chip and pin card terminals are not only suitable for mobile use, but extremely secure. We send you a quote that is fair and transparent- no hidden charges. All set-up and withdrawal will be performed in a concise manner. What’s more, our turn-around time is fast. Our installation team will be at your premises within 3-working days from when you register.

Is our card terminal compatible with major banks?
With a WTS card terminal, there are no such issues as incompatible credit cards. Our machines are duly registered with all major banks in the UK. They accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Our registered clients also enjoy cost-effective rates on our terminals because of the wide range of options.

As a standalone payments solutions company, we are not locked to a single carrier network. This enables us choose the most suitable deal for our customers, from our rich network of carriers. You get to save money on fees and merchant contracts.

Do we provide ongoing support for card terminal holders?
Yes, we do. All short and long term card terminals are subject to a test transaction with our technical team. At this time, we teach you (or your service team) how to operate and perform simple troubleshooting tasks in case there is a problem. However, our correspondence doesn’t end there; you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will link you to a support team when necessary.
What if you need card terminal accessories?
Wireless Terminal Solutions is one of the top suppliers of chip and pin card terminals in the UK. We can supply you with items such as replacement base, roll papers, in-car chargers, power adapters, ethernet cables and so on.

Because we are authorised resellers of Ingenico, one of the UK’s foremost Card Terminal manufacturers, you can be sure all supplies come with a lasting warranty. WTS is an efficient hardware and software company; we’ll provide you the best terminal for your business.

What is a card terminal?
A card terminal, which is often referred to as a credit card machine, PDQ machine “process data quickly” or a point of sale terminal, is a device which enables businesses to process payments via debit and credit cards.
Is a card terminal the same as a mobile reader?
A card terminal is the most popular way for businesses to accept payments from customers using debit and credit cards. In comparison a mobile card reader is a small hardware application that frequently connects to an iPad, tablet or smart phone to accept payments from debit or credit cards, essentially turning the device into a mobile point of sale. You may need to download additional software from the Play or Apple store in order for this to work in conjunction with the mobile reader but it is always worth checking with the supplier.
What are card terminal paper rolls?
Paper rolls are essential to any card terminal. Different card terminals support different paper rolls so it is important to check the approximate dimensions. The most popular size for a UK card terminal is width – 57mm and diameter – 40mm.
What is a thermal print card terminal?
There are various till rolls available for businesses to use. The most popular for card terminals are the thermal till rolls which are bound in a high quality coating. This thermal coating is based on a mix of chemicals and dyes which react when exposed to heat.
How can I get a card terminal?
To accept debit and credit card payments using a card terminal, a business will require a merchant account that will allow them to process payments. If you don’t have this in place you will need to source a merchant account and a card terminal from a reputable supplier. Many providers offer both facilities (merchant account and card terminal together) which delivers ease for customers.
What are card terminal rates?
Every business that opts to accept card terminal transactions will either charge a fixed percentage per transaction or a flat fee per transaction (in some cases it can be a combination of both). In order to use a card terminal you will need to set up a merchant account which is a type of bank account that allows businesses to process payments in a whole host of ways. Companies that offer this facility offer various deals depending on varying factors. It is always advisable to shop around to see what is best suited to the needs of the business owner.
What options are there for card terminals for small businesses?
There’s a wide range of card terminal options for small business owners to choose from. Small business owners have four main types of card terminal to choose from and these include:

  • Wi-Fi card terminal
  • Mobile card terminal
  • Portable card terminal
  • Countertop/fixed card terminal

Some companies offer fixed terms on their lease agreements where as some independent card terminal providers will offer versatile packages which offer affordable budget options tailored towards the needs of your small business.

What are the best card terminals for small business in the UK?
This is dependent on the business itself. Every small business requirement will be different. Important factors that contribute towards making a decision include: How your business operates i.e. inside/outside, does your business trade from one set location and if so will you have dedicated access to a phone line or internet access.
What are the costs of card terminals for a small business?
Card terminal leasing costs generally start from about £12 a month up to £30 a month but the prices you will be quoted are dependent on varying factors including: the type of machine you require, how long you plan on leasing the card terminal, the quantity of card terminals you need and which company you decide to lease a card terminal from.
Where can I read reviews of card terminals for small business?
Resources such as Google or Trust Pilot offer small business owners a great way to gauge feedback and learn about customers’ first hand experiences before committing to a card terminal. It also offers a great option to ensure the hardware and equipment being supplied marries up with the small business owner’s expectation.

Please visit our ‘Card Machines‘ page for links to reviews of all the major card terminals on the market.

Why Thermal Till Rolls?

The explanation is easy really. Thermal card terminal rolls are manufactured with a special coating on the paper which provides the “thermal” attribute to the product. This coating is a mix of chemicals and dyes, which react when exposed to heat. This will always mean a better finish, and the card terminal rolls are smooth to touch with a slightly glossy finish.

You may see card terminal rolls priced significantly less elsewhere, but these will invariably be substantially inferior, and aren’t compatible with the credit card machine. Being one of the UK’s leading suppliers in Chip and PIN means we only supply premium products. The key advantages of using a thermal till roll include significantly faster printing, a better print finish and most importantly the print doesn’t run or fade so no more duplicate receipts!

With the introduction and continued popularity in the UK of features such as Apple Pay and Contactless payments making it easier for customers to pay, there has been an increase in the use of credit & debit cards and sales of thermal till rolls are on the increase. A large proportion of UK card terminals use thermal paper rolls.

What size card terminal rolls do I need?

The thermal till rolls supplied by Wireless Terminal Solutions measure at 57mm x 38mm in size. Each box comes with sixteen card terminal rolls, and each till card terminal roll typically lasts 60-70 transactions. The thermal card machine rolls that WTS supply are compatible to the following Chip and PIN card machines: Ingenico, IWL series, Spire T/M4200 series and Verifone VX. Please visit our special offers on our website where we have great deals on consumables and accessories for your card machine.

Custom Printed Card Terminal Rolls

Unlike many other suppliers, WTS can fully customise your till rolls with full colour logos, terms and conditions, promotions and other special offers you may be running. Customising card terminal rolls can offer a real personal touch to customers and allows you to reach out to your buyers. Let your receipts work for you. Please be aware, we do require notice on any subsequent orders and all images are to be supplied by the customer.

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