Which Card Terminal Equipment Is Right For You?

Once you have the merchant account in place, it’s then up to the business to decide what card terminal equipment is right for them. A WTS advisor will offer impartial advice on each card terminal, and factor in all aspects relating to your business model and the working environment you trade from.

Customers want great card terminal equipment at great value which they can buy easily, and it’s the job of WTS to deliver this in the right way for them. We always listen to the requirements of our customers and adapt their selections accordingly. Our four main card machines are:


Countertop Card Terminals for face-to-face transactions in a traditional retail environment, it’s hard to look beyond the tradition countertop card terminals. They excel where payments need to be made at a till. Our countertop card terminals are compatible for contactless payments and Apple Pay.


Knowing the basics

If you’re looking to accept card payments, but don’t have a merchant account, you will need to set this up – Wireless Terminal Solutions are an expert in this field and because we are accredited with every UK acquirer, we can offer preferential rates.

Merchant accounts are similar to bank accounts, but separate from the traditional business accounts. They act as a holding gateway for funds that move between the customer’s account and the business’ account. In most cases it typically takes 1-4 working days for the funds to clear from the merchant account into the nominated business account, and this is stated in the T&C’s at the time of making the merchant application. Merchant accounts provide security for both the business and customer alike, ensuring there are sufficient funds available within the customer’s account before authorising the transaction.




Card terminal processing relies heavily on technology, and it is imperative that businesses have the right card terminal equipment to ensure that transactions are handled efficiently, safely and securely. Wireless terminal Solutions work extensively with all their customers to help support and advise them on the best card terminal equipment that meet their business requirements and specific needs.

WTS are a market leader in delivering popular, easy to use card machines that come fully equipped to accept the latest technology including Apple Pay and Contactless payments.

All our card terminal equipment is configured to the customer’s merchant account, so when it arrives with you, there is no time consuming programming, simply take the card machine out of the box and you’re ready to go.

Wireless Terminal Solutions are here to help grow your business by offering low cost card terminal equipment, call a consultant now on 0845 459 9984 or emailsales@wirelessterminasoluions.co.uk.