If your business is exhibiting at an exhibition or trade show, offering versatile ways for your customers to pay for items and services not only improves the customer service, but will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

A lot of preparation goes into an event, and it is imperative to be prepared for every sales scenario. With so many exhibitors competing against each other in one small venue, getting yourself equipped with ePOS hardware that can analyse how each product is performing could be pivotal.

Our short term ePOS hardware for exhibitions has been designed with unequivocal flexibility to give you peace of mind. We offer flexible contract terms, and you are only charged for the time you actively use the ePOS hardware, and agreements start from as little as one day.

ePOS hardware exhibition key benefits

With the correct training that comes FREE with each exhibition rental, an ePOS system can significantly help you and your business. It will allow you to monitor items and will be able to identify which items are performing well and those that aren’t. It can give you an hour-by-hour breakdown, and will also show individual staff’s performances. Another unique selling point is the ability to reduce fraud, whilst giving you better cash control and also the ability to saving you and your business time. Everything can be detailed on a report for future reference. Many customers who choose an ePOS hardware solution for an exhibition frequently choose to have a card machine run alongside it, and we offer an “all in” package for customers looking to go for this option.

What ePOS hardware is available for an exhibition?

Does Your College Already Accept Card Payments?

If your college or university already accept card payments, and you have a UK based merchant account for face to face payments, then the process is simple. We provide a Chip & PIN card machine linked to the college’s existing merchant account. There is no arduous paperwork for the college or university to complete, one simple excel form and the team at WTS will do the rest for you! Unlike other companies, you only pay us for the time you actively use the card machine.

The enrollment period is an extremely busy period, and most colleges will only need their card machines for a 2-3 week period. WTS are a market leader in delivering payment solutions to colleges requiring card payments for the enrollment period. Our short term hire team, excel in helping colleges find a payment solution. All our card terminals come equipped with contactless technology to help eliminate lengthy queues and support colleges when they need it most. Our short term card machines will provide your college with the extra support it needs to keep you running to full capacity during the enrollment period.

As an independent reseller for Ingenico UK, we deliver a varied and comprehensive array of card machines to make taking payments an effortless exercise:

  • GPRS Credit Card Machine
  • Portable or Bluetooth Credit Card Machine
  • Static/Countertop Credit Card Machine
  • Wi-Fi Credit Card Machine

GPRS Credit Card Terminal

This type of card machine is ideal for colleges who need to take payments “on the go”. With GPRS coverage and our unique WTS Roaming Sim, card payments can be taken on the move at any location within the college allowing maximum profitability. This terminal type is extremely popular for the short term rental market, and you don’t require any fixed line connections via broadband or phone line to use it.

Portable Credit Card Terminal

This type of card machine is perfect for colleges or universities allowing for a card terminal to be used remotely within a fixed location. The main benefit of this card machine is speed! The unit offers an instant payment method as well as the ability to accept contactless payments. The terminal is the perfect mainstay for a college where an IP or PTSN line is present and GPRS connectivity can be a problem. Using a portable credit card terminal allows the base station to be connected to an IP/PSTN connection but the terminal will work completely remotely with a range of up to 100m.

Countertop Card Terminal

A countertop card machine connects effortlessly through a PSTN or direct IP with the PDQ machine connecting to the preferred merchant acquirer. This credit card terminal is contactless enabled allowing an instant card payment and has the added benefit of a fast connection when taking a chip and pin transaction. It is still primarily the most popular terminal for retail shops.

Wi-Fi Card Machine

The Wi-Fi card machine has become an extremely popular choice with colleges requiring temporary card machines for the enrollment period. This card machine delivers complete flexibility when colleges need to take card payments within the enrollment period. No hardwired phone line or internet connection is required and similar to your mobile phone, the PDQ machine will need the SSID and password to connect to your dedicated Wi-Fi connection. The payment speed of the Wi-Fi credit card terminal is instantaneous and the fastest device in the industry.

Our goal at Wireless Terminal Solutions is to provide your college with a superior user experience, meeting and exceeding your expectations for the enrollment period with each and every payment solution we deliver to your college. The quality of your experience through using our payment services is proportional to the quality of our efforts. As such, we view our relationship with our customers as a shared experience. To discuss renting a card machine for the enrollment period, please contact us on 0345 459 9984 or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk. We also specialise in ePOS rental, cash registers and terminal accessories so use WTS as your one stop shop for your next college enrollment event.  

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