Why is my Credit Card Terminal not Working?

Common issues which can result in a credit card terminal not working can include a faulty credit card terminal battery, faulty software on the credit card terminal, damage to the hardware or damage to the swipe facility where a customer would traditionally insert their card for a Chip and PIN card payment. A credit card terminal could encounter issues which result in its connectivity or performance being restricted, this can include the Wi-Fi capability and NFC (Near Field Communication) payments.

Whether your credit card terminal is provided by one of the UK’s leading manufacturers including Verifone, Spire, PAX or Ingenico or perhaps you have a mobile card terminal whose suppliers include SumUp, PayPal and Square, it is important to have it functioning to its highest capabilities.

If your business is encountering issues with your credit card terminal (which is not working), there are a couple of avenues you can explore to rectify the situation. The paramount importance being able to accept all major credit and debit cards including China Pay, American Express, Maestro and Diners Card is critical if any business to function on a day-to-day basis.

Our primary focus is to provide the latest credit card terminals that securely connect with chip reader devices. As technology evolves, the last few years has seen a surge in integrated card terminals and POS systems allowing business owners to grow sales and increase customer loyalty.

Payment Machine Issues

Having a fully functional payment machine (commonly referred to as a charge terminal) will allow customers to process payments quickly.  Introducing payment machines to a business should be a straightforward exercise. An import question for business owners to ask before they commit to any agreement is what support will you receive (as a customer) if you encounter payment machine issues?

If you rent, lease or have purchased your payment machine, it is of paramount importance to get a quick diagnosis to ensure you can process card payments again as quickly as possible. Having a payment machine allows more flexibility for business owners and can eliminate the need for cash handling on your premises.

Credit card processing has evolved massively in the last 15 years. Retrospectively customers used to pay using the traditional wired payment machines or embossed imprinter to process a payment. As the years have passed merchant banks and other payment acquirers are able to offer major advances in technology which can see business owners equipped with the latest in payment machine technology.

More payment providers should have their own in house technical support team on hand to support and guide customers with payment machine issues. It is always advisable to check on what levels this is provided – does it include evenings and weekends, is the payment machine support UK based and what is the process for providing a replacement payment merchant if your issues persist?

Free way to fix a Credit Card Machine

One innovative way some customers have approached when equipment has been damaged and are looking for a free way to fix their credit card machine, is to look at YouTube tutorials or how-to guides. This isn’t always advisable and customers do this at their own risk.

If you acquire a credit card machine from eBay or another market place auction site, or you invest in a used credit card machine from a friend or relative which needs repairing and are looking for a free way to fix the credit card machine, there are a couple of options. Initially you will need to determin  whether the credit card machine is still in a lease agreement with another financial institution and whether any money is owed on the contract or the agreement. Picking up a used credit card machine from eBay can be more arduous than at first glance. Reconfiguring it to a different merchant acquiring bank is a job in itself in addition to making sure the credit card machine has all the relevant software updates. If it is in need of repair this can be a costly exercise as certain pieces of hardware carry various costs.

Although it may appear a great deal from the outset, acquiring a free credit card machine and fixing it can be more problematic than first thought. If you do have a long term lease agreement and are under contract, your payment provider should offer the necessary support to ensure you can process debit and credit card transactions. All aspects relating on how to fix and repair a credit card machine should be outlined when you take out the contract agreement. Technical support should come inclusive, but some payment providers may charge a fee if they deem the equipment has been damaged outside of their terms and conditions.

Point of Sale Problems?

When point of sale problems arise, it is important to get them rectified as quickly as possible. Different payment providers will adopt their own approach on how to solve point of sale problems and a good starting point is to read customer feedback to gauge how point of sale problems are supported.

If you are a business owner and your point of sale problems aren’t rectified you may wish to look at changing payment providers or upgrading your credit card system with a different payment provider. Wireless Terminal Solutions specialise in point of sale troubleshooting and excel in deploying payment terminals and other point of sale devices to help your business process payment transactions.

Card Reader Support

Having card reader support is pivotal to your business processing card payments. If you’re a business owner who needs card reader support, also known as credit card machine technical advice and you are a customer of Wireless Terminal Solutions, you can take advantage of the card reader support we offer customers, please see our website for details or call us directly.

So whether the handset is cracked or the chip is damaged, the card reader can still potentially be fixed. In instances where your card reader is failing or you’re encountering software issues with the payment terminal, please contact us as soon as possible.

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