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Are you struggling with your current credit card processing terminal? Or starting a new business and in need of smart payment solutions? Fortunately, there’s a solution to your problem.

Wireless Terminal Solutions, one of UK’s leading financial technology firms has helped thousands of startups like yours scale by simplifying their payment processes. In addition to providing professional consultation and support, WTS supplies high-quality credit card processing machines. You get to enjoy seamless transactions with your customers at reduced cost rates.

More businesses continue to opt for credit card processing solutions, thereby increasing its demand in the industry. It is therefore essential for services, especially startups to leverage reliable wireless terminal solutions. With WTS products, business owners are guaranteed cost-effective alternatives that facilitate business growth.

How do you choose the right credit card processing machine for your business?

Every business is unique in service-type and operation, it is therefore important to select the right terminal. At WTS, our professionals understand the peculiar needs of various small businesses, and have developed specific credit card terminals to suit them.

Counter-top Card terminal

Our Chip and Pin counter-top card terminal is always in high demand for its high reliability and quality. It is ideal for businesses with a grounded payment booth our counter. If you run a corner-store or a ticket-entry service, you should consider our counter-top card processing machine.

Portable Credit Card Processing Machine

Do you manage a table service business like a café or restaurant? Our portable credit card terminal is your best solution. They not only have a strong wireless range (100 metres) for flexibility, they are also designed to withstand the rigours of day-to-day use.

Mobile card machine

If you want to process credit and debit card payments via secure, hassle-free terminals, you’ll love our mobile card machines. They come with ongoing tech support and are compatible with contactless payment options including Apple Pay. Our Roaming SIM card can be used with any mobile Chip and Pin credit card machine.

Smart card machines

This is a new product developed to give business owners an edge with their payment systems. The Telium Tetra, one of the latest introductions from the UK’s widely renowned card machine company, Ingenico, is capable of enhancing a business’ payment chain. The card machine delivers efficient payment solutions aimed at scaling small businesses.


Looking to partner with a reliable credit card processing terminal provider?

Since WTS inception many years ago, we have seen partner-businesses take off from small positions to become a force to reckon with. While we can’t take all the credit, we like to believe that our efficient payment solutions played a part. Your business’ payment processing ability is key to its growth, let us help you streamline it.

Why WTS for Credit Card Machine Processing?

Do you want your credit card machine to be contactless?

Contactless payment cards are debit, credit, charge or pre-paid cards which can be used to make quick, easy and secure payments for everyday purchases of £30 and under. Using WTS contactless credit card machines means there’s no need for a PIN or a signature – the customer just touches their card on a contactless card reader and the transaction is complete.

What’s the best credit card machine deal available?

The truth is there is no ‘best deal’ that works for everyone. Finding the best credit card machine deals out there is not a one-size-fits-all affair, it’s about what suits you and what card terminal is best for your business and comes at a better price than anywhere else. The first step to finding the best deal for you is deciding which credit card machine suits you perfectly. At Wireless Digital Solutions, we stock a varied range of credit card machines including mobile GPRS terminals, portable Bluetooth card machines, Wi-Fi credit card terminals, and countertop machines. When shopping around for the best credit card machine deals, you have to understand your business situation and know which payment solution will work perfectly for you. We offer affordable short-term and long-term hire and rental options that last anywhere between a few days and a few years.

It’s easy to get the best credit card machine deals when you trust WTS with your credit card payment solutions. Look through our site to help you discover the perfect credit card machine for you, and call us on 0845 459 9984 to get a comprehensive quote you’ll be pleased with.

How do you recognise the best deals on credit card machines?

Want to know what it feels like to get the best deals on credit card machines? In addition to our reasonably priced credit card machines, we’ll help you set up your terminal for free, even providing onsite support when needed. You won’t have to pay any joining or authorisation fees and you’ll have free access to dependable technical support and customer care. Now, if that isn’t value for money, what is? As market leaders in credit card machine solutions, we offer reliable credit card payment facilities while helping you keep your monthly expenses as low as possible. Our credit card machines are designed to help you increase sales and not create a dent in your pocket. Let us take away the headache of finding a reliable and cost-effective credit card machine solution.

Are you searching for the best credit card machine deals?

You’ve come to the right place as Wireless Terminal Solutions is Britain’s leading provider of affordable credit card machine deals. We offer our customers pocket-friendly solutions to help them save as much as possible. We know that running a business is not easy and we are not here to make it any more difficult than it is. In fact, we are focused on providing the best customer-centric services the UK has to offer. We are well-known for providing business of all sizes the best possible deals on the latest credit card machines, and that’s why they keep coming back. We enable our customers compare the best deals on all our credit card machines to pick the most suitable options for their business situation. With or excellent deals, our customers are able to save more than 40% on their credit and debit card processing fees.

Who are Wireless Terminal Solutions?

Wireless Terminal Solutions are one of the market leaders for supplying credit card machines, Merchant Accounts, E-commerce facilities. WTS make it easy to compare the best deals on credit card machines and other services to help save you money and best of all we are completely impartial.


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