Card payments are big news. They are becoming an integral part in the way many organisations now operate. Many businesses are quick enough to promote the fact they accept contactless technology all with the intention of improving customer satisfaction and speed of service. If you ever visit London, all registered black cab drivers now offer card payment machines to pay for journeys. This was rolled out by TFL a few years ago. It is worth pointing out that handheld devices, and other payment facilities are not currently approved by TFL.

Do PayPal supply card payment machines?

PayPal was launched in the late 1990’s and is an American payment specialist that offers a whole host of money transfers and offers a viable alternative to traditional cash payment.
PayPal Here allows UK businesses to accept and process card payments and comes with optional extras and features. A facility such as PayPal Here doesn’t come inclusive with any monthly fees and the device connects through a simple audio jack on a smart phone. Paypal’s merchant facilities aren’t yet compatible with the likes of card payment manufacturers such as Ingenico, Verfione, PAX or Spire.
PayPal’s card payment machines rates are typically a little over 2% for credit and debit card processing, and are widely used at low volume turnover UK businesses. If a business was contemplating investing in a PayPal Here card payment machine it maybe an idea to do extensive research in the area. Many customers still like the reliability a traditional card payment machine brings, and if you were looking at going down the PayPal option, a business owner would need to download the free app which is outlined on the PayPal website and then order their card payment machine card reader.

Do iZettle supply card payment machines?

iZettle were launched back in 2010 and have become an extremely favourite choice for small business owners who are looking for a versatile card payment machines.  The card readers which are supplied by the likes of iZettle, Square and PayPal may not be for everyone. If you are contemplating accepting card payments and you decide to speak to your bank, they will primarily offer the traditional Chip and PIN card machine to run alongside the merchant account.

Having an iZettle card payment machine will allow a business to accept contactless payments and this includes, Apple, Samsung and Android pay. There is also the ability to add such features as a cash drawer, bar code scanner and other POS accessories if you are looking to build a point of sale system. If you feel you are going to process a large number of transactions it will be worth weighing up the merchant service charges too compared to the traditional merchant account.

Does my acquiring bank supply card payment machines?

The extensive and expansive card payment machine range offered in the UK these days has grown considerably in recent years; Wireless Terminal Solutions comes inclusive with various add-ons which includes FREE Set up and ongoing technical support from our Surrey headquarters which is available 7 days a week, where our technical representatives will provide the necessary troubleshooting and technical assistance to keep your business trading with the card payment machines.

PayPal also offer a product which is quite unique to the traditional card payment machines which are readily seen in the UK marketplace. It is an application that is downloaded and transforms your tablet, smartphone or other compatible device into a point of sale card payment facility.  The fees charged to the account holder by PayPal will be outlined but are generally more than the traditional merchant acquirer.

Card payment machines in the UK are widely available from many companies and manufacturers. Some of these include  iZettle, Verifone, Square, Ingenico, SumUp, Spire, Worldpay and PayPal all with the intention of making card processing more cost effective for sole traders, small business and bigger establishments.

What is the best debit card payment machines?

This is all dependent on the needs of the client and the environment you’ll be trading from. Not all card payment machines are the same and each come with their own unique advantages. If you are a start-up small business or a small trader, investing in a refurbished card payment machine from a reliable supplier could be a viable solution to deliver a cost effective way to accept card payments and allowing you to compete against your nearest competitors.

If your business opts to purchase a card payment machine outright for your UK business, this will typically cost about £600 for an Ingenico machine. When you opt to purchase a card payment machine outright,  it should come with warranty and support as a standard. Some businesses preference may be to lease a card payment machine, and these are available from as little as one day.

There are so many options available to UK businesses that searching for a card payment machine can become arduous and have owners confused as to what is the best decision is for them.  Wireless Terminal Solutions’ aim is to keep things extremely simple. We deliver a large choice of machines, that come with a vast array of benefits including contactless enabled technology allowing for smooth efficient card transactions.

We excel in card payment machines that deliver modern technology for small business owners that prioritises a reliable payment transaction. We are well aware that cash flow can restrict small business owners at times, so having the ability to take card payments and having quick access to funds from debit and credit card payments can deliver peace of mind.

If you’d like to be learn more about the best card payment machines tailored towards the needs of your business specifically, get in touch with one of our helpful advisors at Wireless Terminal Solutions. We can provide like for like quotes against different types of card payment machines and have contract options starting from as little as one day.

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