The easiest way to equip your small business with a contactless payment machine is to lease one on a short term or long term agreement, or alternatively purchase a payment machine outright.

How much is a contactless payment machine?

Purchasing mobile contactless payment machines should be an effortless exercise, and if you purchase a payment machine from Wireless Terminal Solutions we aim to have you equipped with a mobile card payment machine in a matter of days. This also extends to customers who already have existing merchant services in place, and are just looking to link a payment machine to their existing payment processor. Purchasing a payment machine outright will cost more up front as this is primarily one set fee, but additional costs can apply based on whether you require technical support and ongoing airtime. All our payment machines come pre-programmed to work with your existing processing network. Before purchasing a mobile card payment machine outright, it is important to make sure you are choosing the best mobile card payment machine for your business. That is why our helpful advisors will listen to the needs of your business, how you trade and will then deliver the alternatives from there. Rest in the knowledge that all the payment machines we supply, are accredited with all the leading merchant acquirers.

Leasing or purchasing a payment machine isn’t for everyone, and this is why we like to give small business owners flexible options. At this point, your adviser will also explain your alternatives, which include short term payment machine rental or a bespoke agreement tailored around your requirements, whilst ensuring it is configured to work with your chosen processor’s payment network. Doing your research and choosing the right payment provider whilst also being made aware of all available options may save your business hundreds in the long run. A good rule of thumb to gauge mobile card payment machine prices are: – £17-£22 on a 36 month agreement depending on which mobile card payment provider you go with. Mobile card payment machine prices are higher on a short term agreement due to the bespoke nature of the agreement and a business owner will generally be looking at £60 a card machine for a weekend hire (excluding delivery and any optional extras).

In order to decide whether to purchase or lease a payment machine, small business owners should calculate the total cost of renting or purchasing. It will always depend on your business needs and the use you and your staff employees will give to the equipment.

We always advise customers to contact an adviser stating their exact requirements so we can price up accurately.

Personal identification number for mobile card payments

When a customer comes to process a payment for a transaction on a payment machine, they will need to enter their Personal Identification Number which is more frequently referred to as a PIN number and is a 4-digit combination specifically relating to your personal account and will allow you to purchase items and pay for goods. The introduction of contactless technology has resulted in the payment industry changing dramatically in recent times, and all payment machines come contactless enabled as standard.

If the items or services you are selling cost over the contactless threshold of £30 and a customer wishes to pay for goods via debit or credit card, then the traditional Chip & PIN method using their PIN is probably the easiest way.

When a customer pays for goods using a debit or credit card using a mobile card payment machine and the payment isn’t a contactless transaction, they will need to enter their personal identification number.

Payment terminals for UK businesses

Mobile card payment machine prices will depend on the type of handset you require and also the contract agreement you sign up to. The choice and availability is much more expansive for UK business owners compared to a decade ago. Previously many were used to seeing the perennial bricks stationed on a retail serving station. Now small business owners can take advantage of modern technology presented with sleek mobile card payment machines which work in almost every environment enabling businesses to make the most from every sales transaction. There are four main types of mobile card payment machines which are supplied by Wireless Terminal Solutions with each handset having its own unique advantage towards various business types. Portable, Wi-Fi, Countertop and GPRS machine are deployed and widely used by varying business types across the UK. All payment terminals meet the stringent Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard more commonly referred to as PCI DSS industry criteria which is pivotal for securing electronic payment and authentication data residing on all actual payment terminals.

Contactless payment for mobile card payment machines

Contactless has now become a mainstream way of paying for every day goods, and is growing month on month supported with the growth in expanding technology. Payments on mobile card payment machines were predominately regarded as being processed by the traditional Chip and PIN but that has changed in recent times with the rise in contactless technology which also extends to mobile and smart devices along with wearable technology.Some companies in the UK offer their merchants the option to replace the functionality of dedicated mobile card payment machines hardware using a terminal application or alternative hardware which may run on a laptop or mobile device.

We are recognised as one of the UK specialists in providing contactless mobile card payment machines at affordable prices with leading UK-based technical support. Our contactless technology extends to our short term machine hire, long term leasing and machine purchase options.

Payment machines for your small business

The advances in technology has meant mobile card payment machines have become more readily available for small business owners and with the growth in customers wanting to pay using their card means more people are meeting the needs of their business.  We frequently get asked what is the best mobile card machine for a small business? There isn’t one definitive answer. Every small business is different and that is where we excel in supporting business owners to make the right decision. We also support business owners who are looking to save money on their card processing fees. It has become increasingly difficult for some small business owners to determine their exact card transaction charges. If you need assistance with this or would like a comparison quote, please contact us.

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