The most frequently used electronic payment method in the world at present is credit card machines (frequently referred to as Chip and PIN or PDQ machines as well).

PDQ machines are versatile portable chip and pin machines that have the ability to accept contactless ‘touch and go’ technology.  A PDQ machine delivers a robust, modern and slick handset which is simple to use. With today’s advances in payment technology, a small business is now able to process card payments anywhere on the premises with their PDQ machine.

Payment Solutions for Small Businesses

The 4 main types of PDQ machines available for small businesses each offer their own advantages. Business owners have the option of a Wi-Fi PDQ machine, a static handset, a portable option or a  wireless mobile handset, so there is something to suite every small business’ needs making taking card payments possible wherever and whenever. Of the 4 main types of PDQ machine available to the UK market, you will find many different suppliers which include Verifone, Spire, PAX and Ingenico.

Do you want to accept payment with credit and debit card payments using a PDQ machine? We aim to make PDQ machine hire incredibly easy, whilst allowing business owners to compare merchant accounts and credit card processors amongst other aspects.

PDQ machines come in a whole host of options and contract terms, and the team at Wireless Terminal Solutions have invested in making sure that small business owners have the best selection available to them when acquiring a PDQ machine.

Credit Card Processing

You’ve invariably seen PDQ machines from iZettle, Paypal, SumUp, and Square entering the market place in recent times with the aim of making credit card processing more affordable than ever for small businesses.

If you are a small business and you still have a few questions to help you decide, the next best step is to talk directly to one of the UK’s leading credit card processing providers and let us help you with your next PDQ machine.

Accepting credit card processing and having a PDQ machine will allow small business owners to catch the attention of potential customers. Having a PDQ machine will allow credit card processing face-to-face and via mail order and telephone order. Card processing fees and other transaction costs may be off-putting to some small business owners especially with the other available options.

How Much is an Authorisation Fee?

Simple – Most merchant accounts should come with simple transparent pricing detailing what you will pay for your authorisation fee. Some suppliers and merchant acquirers will offer a standard transaction fee which will be outlined at the time of setting up your account, but most commonly it will be impacted on the type of card the customer is using.

Authorisation fees will differ depending on who the business opts to go with for their merchant facilities, but some providers will offer reduced transaction fees but higher rates in other aspects, so it is advisable to look at the contract as a whole rather than being drawn in by one aspect.

Payment Terminal Short Term Hire

Equipment leasing for PDQ machine hire has been available for small business owners for over 10 years now, and offers an affordable way to rent and lease PDQ machines for a short period of time.  PDQ machine hire will enable you and your small business to accept credit card payments on the go and the unique aspect for this short term facility, is that there is no set up fee.

We have implemented and delivered what we feel is the most comprehensive payment solution for businesses requiring temporary payment facilities for PDQ machine hire.  Our aim and primary objective is to make renting a PDQ machine as easy as possible. Every PDQ machine rental is different to the next and we understand how daunting this can be for business owners so we will support you every step of the way.

With PDQ machine hire short term rentals, you can process payments in person, over the phone, or online. Short term hire has been designed with the aspect that many small business owners don’t always need to accept card payments all year round, and offering short term rental provides businesses with a range of versatile, short term hire packages that start from one day and run up to 6 months, and this all comes without a business or trader having to commit to unnecessary lease agreements. PDQ machine short term hire is ideal if your business is attending an exhibition, show or event. Our PDQ machines are normally deployed in advance of your short term rental along with your accessories.

Your PDQ machine will be delivered operational, with required accessories and technical support. Remember that a merchant account is still required for any trader accepting card payments and a nominal fee is occasionally required to set up the short term contract.

Fast Processing of Financial Transactions

Merchant acquirers charge business owners a transaction fee everytime they process a debit and credit card payment through a PDQ machine. The fees are usually outlined at the time of signing up to the merchant processing service agreement.  Transaction fees can vary depending on the type of business you are and the charges between debit and credit will vary.

It is also worth noting that businesses may be charged a one-off start-up fee when they open a new merchant account.

Set Your Own Personal Identification Number

A Personal Identification Number more commonly referred to as a PIN number combination known only to the owner of the account, will allow customers to access their personal account information. A PDQ machine will allow a business owner to obtain the vital card data and to transfer this information to the nominated merchant acquirer for authorisation. When a customer pays for goods using a debit or credit card using a PDQ machine and the payment isn’t a contactless transaction, they will need to enter their personal identification number.

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