If you are a business owner contemplating stepping into the world of PDQ machines and card payments, it is good to know what options you have at your disposal. First up you have the manufactures who primarily produce the hardware. The main manufacturers for payment terminals in the UK are, Ingenico, Spire, PAX and Verifone with the most latter ironically being one of the first companies to produce a payment terminal back in the early 1980’s.

What types of payment terminals are available for customers who want a PDQ machine?

In recent years we’ve also seen multiple mobile apps enter the UK payment industry with offerings from iZettle, PayPal, Sumup and Square amongst others. Whilst the mobile payment apps allow businesses to process payments, they are not the same as a traditional PDQ machine.
Ingenico who are recognised as one of the UK’s leading payment terminal providers provide four main PDQ machines in the UK market place. Each payment terminal brings its own diverse benefits. Portable PDQ machines are a popular choice for businesses that trade in the retail and hospitality setting. Other options for business owners include the popular Wi-Fi payment terminal, the traditional countertop most commonly used in a retail setting from a service station and the novel mobile payment terminal which can connect using roaming SIMs providing extended mobile coverage.
All of the payment terminal models mentioned above which are supplied by Ingenico deliver a reliable, efficient way for businesses to accept debit and credit card payments regardless of their operational set up. Payment terminals are extremely popular for business owners, and for those who think this is something that has materialised in recent years, you’d be wrong. POS systems date back 40 years when Visa introduced a rather cumbersome handset which many constitute as the first payment terminal.

Financial transaction costs for PDQ machines

To accept card payments on a payment terminal, a customer will have to have a merchant account set up. If you already have this in place, linking a PDQ machine to a merchant account is a seamless process for reliable payment providers. Please note if you need a merchant account, acquirers will charge a fee for this service, which is more commonly referred to as merchant service charges or MSC. This is where the merchant account holder/trading business will pay a set fee per transaction for debit and credit card charges. The amount the business pays in merchant charges is dependent on how much they process. If you do make enquiries for a merchant account, please ensure it is for face to face transactions if you’re looking to use a PDQ machine. Other types of merchant accounts are available such as online or mail order telephone order which is frequently known as MOTO.

Credit card hire for PDQ Machine

Credit card hire for PDQ machines is available in varying options depending on the company you opt go with. There are specialist companies in the payment industry which offer the rather innovative credit card hire short term rental. Costs vary depending on the supplier, with but short term agreements for PDQ machines start from one day which is perfect for businesses who only need it for a temporary period or seasonal event.

If you are looking for something a little more permanent, then business owners have the option to turn a credit card hire into a lease agreement where they will normally pay one set fee on a monthly basis for their PDQ machine. Agreements for this will differ depending on the company they go with but usually apply to 24-48 month agreements.

In a society where more and more people are moving away from cash transactions and are replacing this with card payments it is important to have a reliable PDQ machine for your business. Another option for credit card hire is to purchase a PDQ machine outright. This normally entails one set fee paid upfront, but the business owner would own the hardware outright. Separate charges may apply to technical support, airtime, warranties and other such features but this will be dependent on the payment provider you go with.

What fees are involved for a PDQ machine short term hire?

Many businesses choose a PDQ machine short term hire primarily for the reason that they don’t  necessarily have a requirement for a payment solution all year round and this fits in with the model of their business. PDQ machine short term hire has been produced with the sole intention of making card processing accessible wherever you are, creating a bespoke rental timeframe tailored towards your business.

Renting a PDQ machine on a long term lease agreement isn’t always viable for some business owners due to the seasonal aspect of their business. If you find the right supplier you can rent a PDQ machine on a short term hire from as little as one day and in most cases the card machine is delivered a few days prior to the start date delivering peace of mind to the business owner.  The whole emphasis, is to provide simplicity for business owners, ensuring they can rest in the knowledge they won’t be restricted as to what contactless PDQ machine they will have made available to them. The PDQ machine short term hire solution includes countertop, mobile, portable and Wi-Fi PDQ machines that all come with the sole intention of letting your customers pay for goods readily and easily.

Can a PDQ machine accept contactless payments?

All PDQ machines should come with contactless enabled technology as standard. The advances in technology and the evolvement in contactless technology in recent years, means all PDQ machines deployed and supplied by terminal providers will all come with contactless technology.

The popularity in contactless payments is rising year on year, and extensive studies have suggested that the total spending on contactless today now equates to almost a third of all transactions.

The advances in technology means that the contactless technology has now reached the vast majority of mobile apps too. Chip and PIN is still incredibly popular, but contactless technology delivers a super quick way to pay for items that total under £30.

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