Short Term
Tablet Rental

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Wireless Terminal Solutions offer short-term tablet rental that small businesses will find perfectly suited for their needs. We aim to simplify the process of receiving payments to allow you concentrate on growing your business. With tablets, you’ll be able to offer your clients highly flexible payment options, letting them make payments wherever and however they like. We offer a range of tablets to enable you process payments in your store, online, over the phone, or when you’re on the move. Tablets let you customise solutions to suit your requirements, whatever they may be.

Tablet Rental FAQs

What if I’ve never used a short-term tablet rental?
At Wireless Terminal Solutions, we stock the most reliable brands of tablets. With our tablet payment solutions, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of using a traditional card machine whether it’s reconciling transactions or performing refunds. Our tablet payment solutions make it incredibly easy to accept payments, whether you are selling on the go or are just starting out. They accept all major credit and debit cards, process payments fast, and payment processes are entirely secure. You don’t need any special requirements to start processing payments using our tablet payment solutions. All you need is a merchant account, which we can set up for you. Our tablet solutions allow you access to online card processing once you have an internet connection. Taking only a few hours to set up, our tablet solutions are appropriate for emergency use.
Why choose Wireless Terminal Solutions?
With Wireless Terminal Solutions, you’ll have unlimited access to expert advice and technical support every step of the way. Our tablet payment solutions are EMV certified and we keep your customers’ data encrypted in our card vault, so you never have to worry about security. Our systems are fraud-proof and completely safe to use. We have been providing short-term tablet rentals for different businesses including thrift shops, healthcare practices, and a variety of businesses constantly on the move. Whether you’re a small shop that is just starting out or a large high-street chain, you can take advantage of our short-term tablet rentals to help run your business seamlessly.
What are the benefits of short-term tablet rental?
Renting one or more of our tablets short term lets you get the benefit of a highly flexible payment solution without having to commit to a long-term contract. You’ll make life easier for your customers by letting them make payments wherever they are and you’ll cut down costs on credit card processing. Tablet payment processing is super easy to use, fast to set up, saves your time, provides quick access to your payment page, and does not involve any tedious technicalities.

Whether you need an emergency solution to deal with long queues or need a more flexible payment processing option, call us on 0845 459 9984 or email to get a quote.

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Short-term tablet rental is ideal for:

  • Pop-up shops
  • New businesses
  • Super busy trading periods
  • Trading at events
  • Delivery services
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