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Two major tablet operating systems in the UK are Android Pay and Apple Pay. As a leading technological services provider, Wireless Terminal Solutions’ chip and pin terminals are compatible with both operating systems. If you are concerned about acquiring a credit card machine that accepts both systems, you need not worry when it comes to WTS. We specialise in technology solutions that guarantee fast and efficient money transfers into your account. Our processes have been simplified to give you an edge over your competitors.

How do you configure Android pay (operating system) on your card machine?

Android Pay is an advanced form of Google Wallet and replaces its ability to store and manage digital versions all your cash cards from the store cards to credit cards. The process is straightforward; simply add your credit or debit card and you are good to go. Your customers can now enjoy the simplicity and freedom of a seamless transfer.

Our android pay machines also use contactless payments to ensure speedy transaction. According to research, contactless payment credit card terminals are 76% faster than cash payments and 58% faster than standard chip and pin terminals. With WTS installed Android operating systems on your tablet you are sure of quick money transfers anytime.

How do you configure Apple Pay (operating system) on your card machine?

Apple Pay is the iOS equivalent of Android Pay. Like latter, it uses near-field communication (NFC). These NFC chips are implanted in the iPad, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and Apple Watch, and they are used to complete payment for products purchased.

Our card machines are designed to recognise iOS devices. All the customer needs do is hold their device near the credit card machine/reader, the same way you would a contactless credit or debit card. With the technology, they need not key in their PIN to confirm transaction.

Once the tablet or smartphone is near the credit card machine or card reader, it automatically activates the Apple Pay feature without needing to launch the app. The customer uses their biometric identity (fingerprint) to confirm payment. The tablet approves the transaction with the operating system you have set up.

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FAQs About Tablet Operating Systems

Is there ongoing support for tablet operating system?
Sure, there is. We always have a customer team on standby for technical solutions. From the initial set-up to occasional maintenance, we are always here for you. In addition, Wireless Terminal Solutions assigns each of its registered clients a dedicated account officer to liaise with customer support.
Are we an accredited wireless payments terminal provider?
Our company has been in the business of financial technology solutions for many years. We are accredited by the nation’s highest regulatory organisations. WTS is also an authorised reseller for one of the UK’s top credit card machine manufacturers, Ingenico. This guarantees quality products and lasting warrantee on materials.
Do you save costs with WTS tablet operating systems?
Wireless Terminal Solutions is a standalone company; we are not obligated to one carrier service. This means we can shop the best deals among our network of merchants.

Yes, you save money when you sign of to our flexible rates and cost-effective options.

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