A payment terminal is a device that interfaces with payment cards in order to execute electronic fund transfers. Payment terminals in the UK are also known as PDQ terminals. Wireless Terminal Solutions provides various types of terminals for merchant in the UK.

We are one of the most recognised payment providers based in the UK. Wireless Terminal Solutions aims to arm all merchants in both small and big scale business with tools needed to ease the process of payment transfers and do so at the lowest possible cost. We provide terminals that improve your business security, and answer all payment needs in the most efficient manner.

Looking for High Grade Terminals in the UK?

Wireless Terminal Solutions provide high grade terminals to satisfy all the expectations of merchants, retailers and banks based in the UK. Our approach to business is completely consumer-centred, and we provide our services to a broad range of industries such as transportation, petrol, retail, hospitality and banks. No matter the point of transaction, we provide payment solutions for such.

Whether you are looking to accept payments in store or out of store, our terminals are well suited to meet your needs. With Wireless Terminal Solutions, payment is a breeze. We make available reliable mobile payment terminals for businesses seeking to improve their finances and boost security. Accepting card payments via the use of terminals can open up a whole new world of resources from previously untapped sections of your target market.

FAQs About Terminals

Reliable Terminals from Wireless Terminal Solutions
Wireless Terminal Solutions offers the opportunity for merchants to present a professional image. Accepting card payments could improve the appearance of your business, giving potential customers the confidence and trust needed to make that purchase.

The type of card payments you intend to take in your business will determine the card terminal you go for. We can provide you with different types to suit your needs. Our terminals are also available for rentals at highly competitive prices.

  • Portable terminals
  • Retail terminals
  • Desktop terminals
  • Biometric terminals
  • Unattended terminals
  • Healthcare / e-ID terminals
Why choose Terminals from Wireless Terminal Solutions for your business?
Wireless Terminal Solutions is devoted exclusively to giving our customers the most reliable, high quality terminals for business uses. We operate the broadest range of strong, reliable terminals. Our merchants enjoy a unique platform and connection that can be trusted to complete payments without hiccups for a seamless experience.

WTS terminals will set you apart from the competitors who still solely depend on payments through cheque and cash. Our terminals support any payment method, meet the latest stands of security in the industry and enhance interaction with consumers using rich media possibilities. Whatever the local regulation, business sector or payment method, our terminals provide outstanding results as they are backed by the latest security requirements. Wireless Terminal Solutions work to provide solutions for merchants to maximize their store to cater to all the methods of payments their customers desire to utilise.

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