As companies and business settings continue to embrace new payment technologies to attract custom, it is important they are equipped with the correct technology to deliver the best customer experience. Wireless Terminal Solutions’ computer till systems could be the perfect solution to enhance and grow your business. Regardless of how or where you trade from, our computer till systems will deliver the cutting edge over your competitors, delivering a detailed analysis on a whole host of aspects for your business resulting in better decision making going forward.
Whether you’re selling computer hardware, software, or accessories, we’re here to make your life easier and enhance your business. We deliver creative innovative software presented on an aesthetically pleasing hardware system.

What is a computer till system?

A computer till system is frequently referred to as a POS unit or ePOS system. A computer till system will generally include many peripherals which come as an optional extra, tailored towards the business’ requirements. These include a cash drawer, printer, barcode scanning equipment and if the business was customer facing, a contactless card machine. Not every business will require every aspect of this comprehensive list, but in today’s fast paced environment it’s important to get equipped with the necessary payment tools.

How much does a computer till system cost?

Unlike other providers Wireless Terminal Solutions don’t dictate on agreement terms. You have two options, you can rent a unit for 12 months or less and this is known as “short term computer till system rental”, or if you were looking for something a little longer you would be looking at a “long term computer till system”. The longer you rent the computer till system for, the more attractive the costs are, but we know not every company can afford nor wants to commit to a 36 month agreement. We frequently have customers come to us for one or two events a year utilising the short term computer till system solution to their advantage.

How quickly can I get a computer till system?

We try and request a minimum two week’s notice where possible, but we know that’s not always possible. There may be instances where your existing computer till system has gone down and you need a last minute replacement. You may have just secured a last minute agreement on a retail unit for a pop-up shop, or there may have been an oversight in booking the necessary hardware. In business, situations arise which are frequently beyond our control and that’s where Wireless Terminal Solutions deliver as much flexibility as possible to the customer.

In some instances we can get customers equipped with a computer till system in under 24 hours. This also depends on where the customer is based and the product list/inventory they want installed on the POS system before it’s deployed. We excel in last minute computer till system rental. Call a representative now to see how we can help.

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Are computer till systems available on a short term hire?

Whether you are a startup company or an established mainstay on the high street, we know it’s good to have options and that’s why we introduced our short term computer till system back in 2009. The POS solution is ideal to run alongside your existing card terminal that will have your business equipped with the best possible POS solutions.
We pride ourselves on the friendly, efficient, articulate approach we deliver, and that’s why thousands of UK businesses choose Wireless Terminal Solutions as there one stop shop for all aspects relating to computer till system and PDQ machines.

What are the key advantages of a computer till system?

Our computer till system delivers security and efficiency, that you can even entrust your staff to provide change to customers, cash up, as well as take gift receipts. As a prominent player in the computer till system market it is imperative we deliver the best possible software and hardware. The overwhelming feedback from our customers is that a computer till system adds credibility and makes the business look superior and experienced and will potentially entice spontaneous purchases.

If your business uses our computer till system, they can rest in the knowledge that every sale and transaction will get logged in the system which is cloud based – thus making it free from any chances of fraud. The computer till system also has the ability to work off line so if you need to take your business away from its usual setting you will still be able to access the system. One of the key USP’s which many business owners endorse is that the introduction of a computer till system will deliver improved data accuracy in addition to delivering an accurate report of customer shopping habits which will can go a long way to making long term decisions. Another aspect is the ability to alter or amend pricing in a bid to entice customers.

Is a computer till system the same as a credit card machine?

No a computer till system is a system that predominately consists of a computer, monitor, printer, barcode scanner. A card machine is frequently run alongside a computer till system but it is a separate entity. To use a card machine you will also need a merchant account which is something the team at Wireless Terminal Solutions can assist you with. Many like the umbrella strategy we as a company adopt when it comes to POS solutions where the team can deliver strategic goals to match your expectations.

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