Wireless terminal Solutions deliver comprehensive intelligent electronic till systems which are available to rent or lease in a whole host of POS platforms. Our electronic till systems have been designed with versatility and flexibility in mind meaning wherever you trade from, your business will have accessibility and reporting tools at your disposal.

What is an electronic till system?

There are many names for it – POS system, ePOS unit, cloud system, regardless of what they are called they are built around the same blueprint. They are to the customer an elaborate computerised point of sale (POS) system that used correctly will potentially help grow your business.

Each electronic till system is built up of many components often known as peripherals. These can include a printer, scanner, LCD monitor, cash drawer and PDQ terminal amongst other things. Each customer is different, and will have differing requirements for their electronic till system and when you speak with a representative from Wireless Terminal Solutions they will learn about your business model and support you every step of the way.

What electronic till system works best?

The electronic till system market has been densely saturated over the past 5 years, and is now inundated with companies claiming to deliver the “perfect hardware and software.” Wireless Terminal Solutions have captured a large proportion of the UK’s electronic till system short term rental market, and this is now extending into longer term leasing. We have customers who return to us time and time again because they know our electronic till systems deliver what they need each time and every time. The systems are easy to set up, they are in essence a plug and play system meaning there is no time consuming programming or set up. As the payment industry goes from strength to strength, it isn’t just important to give your customers flexible payment solutions, but also to deliver the right technology which will allow your company to grow. Our electronic till systems deliver the latest in POS technology, coupled with bespoke software customised to a whole host of industry sectors all with their own unique selling aspects.

What does an electronic till system cost?

Unlike other providers in the industry, Wireless Terminal Solutions are an independent supplier for electronic till systems. The beauty in this means we can offer flexibility on lease agreements. When you call us, you need to decide whether you want a long term lease agreement on an electronic till system or perhaps you only need a temporary stop gap in which case it’s probably best to look at a short term rental. The beauty of this is there are no lengthy contract terms and you rent the electronic till system for as little or long as you require it. We have an extensive client list who only use our electronic till systems once or twice a year for their exhibitions or trade shows and our systems are so well regarded that we are actively promoted for many of the UK’s leading consumer events operation teams.

Our mission for electronic till systems is to offer first class, value-added and customisable support services to our clients in the payments industry. When it comes to our electronic till systems, we aim to surpass customers’ expectations on every front – hardware, software, cost, flexibility, quality and professionalism.

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How quickly can I rent an electronic till system?

Our friendly team excel in last minute bookings, which has been reflected in the help and support we frequently give to exhibitors attending exhibitions and festivals. Wherever possible we recommend one week’s notice, but we know that’s not always feasible. There are many factors resulting in customers requiring a last minute electronic till system. This could be from their existing unit ceasing to work, having a pop up event, trading away from their usual address etc. You may be an exhibitor who has just secured a last minute stand for a consumer show and you need to have the payment infrastructure to support you. Whatever your requirement we have a solution to meet your needs.

In some instances we’ve had some customers operational with their electronic till system in less than a day!! This is also dependent on where you are based, but our logistics team have an infrastructure which supports same day deliveries.

Can I rent a card machine with an electronic till system?

Our complete POS solution extends to card machines and the majority of our customers choose to rent a card machine to run alongside their electronic till system. We have exclusive packages for this tailored towards the customer’s requirements.

The team at Wireless Terminal Solutions pride themselves on their pro-active, approachable “can do” attitude and that has resulted in thousands of UK businesses using our electronic till systems. The last few years has also seen our POS systems being taken across the globe, including Dubai, USA and Singapore.

What are the key advantages of an electronic till system?

When a customer rents an electronic till system it will boost your business in countless ways. First and foremost they deliver efficiency and security, meaning that you can trust even your most junior staff to provide the correct change to customers. We are recognised as one of the UK’s go to companies for electronic till systems primarily for the software and hardware our systems deliver.

If your business uses one of our electronic till systems you can rest in the knowledge that every transaction is logged using the cloud based capabilities. You will of course need to be connected to a reliable SSID for this, but if you don’t have access to the net, your POS system will still continue to work regardless. The electronic till system delivers accuracy to the end user, and will display what brands are performing and those that aren’t which in time will result in better informed business decisions. It will also show peak trading hours so you can gauge when you will potentially need additional staff on board. Another aspect that customers love is the flexibility to amend pricing on items in a bid to lure additional custom.

Is an electronic till system the same as a credit card machine?

As mentioned earlier, a card machine is a separate entity. A card machine will run alongside the electronic till system. If you need a card machine, please browse the website to find a handset best suited to the needs of your business. We offer the most comprehensive and vast payment models including Wi-Fi, GPRS, Countertop and Bluetooth. Since our formation in 2009, we’ve had many customers come to us requiring a whole host of POS solutions. We’re confident we can meet and exceed your requirement regardless of how or where you are trading from.

Free electronic till system support

With all bookings you will not only gain a dedicated account manager, but you will also receive leading UK-based POS support. The technical assistance is there to give businesses reassurance and we realise that many of our customers trade outside of standard office hours. To get a free quote on a electronic till system or to learn more about the advantages of having an electronic till system please contact us now on 0345 459 9984 or email sales@wirelessterminalsoltions.co.uk.


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