Visa Mastercard Terminals

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Visa Mastercard terminals are more commonly referred to as a credit card terminal, PDQ or Chip & PIN terminal in the payment industry. We are a payment specialist and all our POS hardware is compatible to accept Visa and Mastercard payments. In addition to this, all software that comes on our Visa Mastercard terminals is PCI compliant. Multiple payment types are accepted using Ingenico credit card terminals, and we are recognised as an official Ingenico UK reseller.

Introducing a credit card terminal to your business will provide more payment options for your customers, and open up new opportunities for your business. If you aren’t looking for face-to-face card payments, then we also have the ability to offer a virtual terminal solution which will allow you to accept debit, credit and Mastercard payments. All credit card terminals in the UK payment industry have to meet stringent checks, and have to be PCI compliant. PCI DSS, which stands for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, is managed by the PCI security standards council founded 13 years ago in 2006 by the five biggest credit card providers and this ensures the required levels of security are met whilst processing and transmitting card holder data.

Card Machines for Hire

Card terminal hire has grown rapidly in the last decade. Card terminals have become increasingly more cost effective in recent years, and as the advances into payment technology has evolved the monthly outlay for leasing or renting a card terminal has dropped. It is also worth noting, that card terminal rental makes up just a fraction of the total cost for businesses wishing to accept credit and debit cards. The main cost will primarily come from the merchant account and the charges per transaction based on the price and quantity of transactions being processed.

Whilst the cost of a credit card terminal can be minimal in the grand scheme of things, choosing the wrong payment solution can carry detrimental consequences. Basic card terminals will come with many standard features including a display screen, and in nearly all cases the ability to accept Chip & Pin and contactless payments. The most popular card terminals come with thermal printers and lithium batteries, and in some cases Pin pads that allow you to keep the credit card terminal safely out of the customer’s reach. First rule of thumb with any card terminal hire is to determine how long you want to hire the machine for. Any reputable payment provider should offer flexible payment options.

Manufacturers of Credit Card Terminals

In the UK payment industry Verifone and Ingenico represent over two thirds of the current UK market place. In recent years, there have been a number of smaller players entering the fray, most notably PAX and Castle Technology coupled along with the advances of mobile card readers from the likes of iZettle and PayPal. Other credit card terminal manufacturers that supply hardware include Spire and Paypoint. Wireless Terminal Solutions offers an extensive range of accessories for all major credit card terminal manufacturers through our online store, and are accredited to work with leading merchant acquirers including Worldpay, Barclays Merchant Services, First Date and Global Payments amongst others.

Businesses may look to integrate their card terminal into an existing ePOS system, but more commonly will choose a standalone credit card terminal to meet the needs of their business. We aim to provide the lowest prices on credit card terminals and credit card equipment and we offer free technical support on all our credit card terminal rentals, and more and more businesses are choosing us for their payment needs. Not only do we offer super quick set-up, but our credit card terminals will enable you to process sales quickly and efficiently. Regardless of what type of business you run or how you operate, we offer a comprehensive range of credit card terminals from leading manufacturers including Ingenico UK.

Credit Card Terminals for Small Businesses

Credit card terminals are now widely used for small business owners in the UK as the advances in technology have developed and the cost has fallen, this has made it readily available for small business owners without breaking the bank. Small business owners must also factor in the cost on a merchant account before accepting credit card payments. Although the processing fees may not appear a lot, the charges can soon escalate so it is important to find a merchant acquirer who will provide you with competitive, cost effective merchant processing rates that will enable your business to grow. Other aspects you will need to factor in on a merchant account is the minimum monthly spend and PCI compliance fee.

Once you have got the merchant account in place, it is time to get equipped with a credit card terminal for your small business. Mobile card terminals are very popular primarily on the basis that you can take payments on the go, and you don’t need to be in one set location. They also are extremely popular for small businesses that want to process transactions but may not be trading from one set location. Other options for small business owners are Wi-Fi, portable and hardwired card terminals. 2019 has also seen leading manufacturer, Ingenico, release the Move5000 which offers multiple connectivity options and is being embraced by small business owners. To learn more about the Move5000, please get in touch on the usual numbers.

Monthly Fees for Credit Card Terminal Lease

Credit card terminal lease is one option UK businesses look at whilst contemplating about investing in payment technology. Some companies in the payment industry will offer you a standard 36 month agreement package, whereas other payment providers will offer a bespoke lease agreement tailored towards the needs of your business. If you are a seasonal business or perhaps only trade at various points of the year, it could also be worth looking at short term credit card terminal hire which offers one fixed fee based around the specific dates of your requirements. There are many benefits to short term hire, and this has grown rapidly in the last decade as more and more businesses trade from more than one set location. Short term credit card terminal hire offers easy sign up with no fixed monthly fees, no lock-in and you only pay for the time you need the credit card terminal. The growth and popularity of contactless payments means more and more people are looking to pay by card and by not offering this solution you could be hampering your business. For a competitive monthly fee on a credit card terminal lease, please get in touch today. We provide the latest in payment technology and can have you set up in a matter of days whilst also offering free set up on all our credit card terminals.

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