What Credit Card Terminals are Available?

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Wireless Terminal Solutions are recognised as one of the UK market leaders for card processing and credit card terminals whilst offering the latest payment technology and other payment consumables for businesses big and small. Our credit card terminals are versatile, sleek, lightweight and deliver a multipurpose functionality for customers wishing to make payment using debit and credit cards. The choice of credit card terminals available for business owners in the UK has rapidly expanded in recent years, and manufacturers such as PAX, Verifone and Ingenico all have payment hardware catered towards specialised business sectors. Introducing a credit card terminal boosts the ability to take credit card payments from your customers directly, but in some cases it will also allow you to take card payments over the phone. Ingenico UK are recognised as the terminal choice for many UK businesses, and they have a vast and expansive range of payment equipment. Many years ago, the  popular Ingenico EFT range was the payment terminal of choice, before this was phased out and replaced by the iWL series and in 2019 the Move3500 and the Move 5000 were introduced to the UK market place. The Move payment series is designed to allow business owners to accept any payments whilst on the go and providing a seamless payment experience for both business and customers alike. All credit card terminals should be able support NFC payments as well as Apple and Android as standard.

Point of Sale Credit Card Terminals

A simple search on Google or any other search engine and you’ll see payment options for point of sale credit card terminals is vast. It is important for a business owner to look for a credit card terminal that can meet all of their needs and expectations whilst delivering secure, electronic payment processing. With any credit card terminal, customer experience is pivotal and this should never be impacted as a result of an outdated payment terminal.

Most businesses now need a payment infrastructure that cannot only just support the rigors of day-to-day trading, but can also provide a consistently good customer service whilst remaining easy to use. Wireless Terminal Solutions’ payment solutions aim to provide the best payment devices and latest technology all coupled with leading industry support to help grow your business. We’ve helped businesses gain a greater understanding of card processing and have developed innovative strategies that have enhanced businesses point of sale credit card requirements. Whether your business needs are single or fifty credit card terminals, we are here to support and deploy your payment solutions whilst helping you track and maintain every device easily. All our credit card terminals are deployed internally from our Surrey offices, and in most cases providing the customer has completed the necessary paperwork, we can have you equipped with your payment solution in a couple of days. Perhaps you are unhappy with your existing payment provider or you just feel that your POS equipment is tired and dated, speak to us to see how we can help. In most cases, we can provide all the necessary training and tutorials to support you with your new payment credit card terminal.

What is the Cost of a Basic Credit Card Terminal?

The cost of a basic credit card terminal is governed on a couple of key aspects which includes: the type of credit card terminal agreement you need, the length of the agreement, the type of credit card terminal you want, and the quantity of payment hardware required. Many providers in the payment industry will stipulate a minimum term of 36 months for any credit card terminal agreement, but there are some who will build a quote tailored towards the needs of your organisation. Back in the day many businesses used to dread the prospect of choosing a new credit card terminal given the wide selection of payment terminals available in the UK. Our approachable team at Wireless Terminal Solutions will not only provide extensive guidance on the matter but will also be able to provide flexile payment terms in accordance to your business’ requirements. A good rule of thumb is a standard credit card terminal will cost around £22 a month on average (based on a 36 month agreement). Never go with the first quote and always do some research as although the hardware may appear good, it is important to remember there may be times you will need support and by not having that, it can put your business at a huge disadvantage.

Choosing a Reliable Secure Processing Payment Provider

If you don’t currently accept card payments, then maybe now is the time to enhance your bottom line and start accepting credit, debit and American Express payments. We have relationships in place with many of the UK’s leading merchant acquirers to get your business equipped with the payment infrastructure it needs. Our payment services deliver rich credit card processing services which will provide safe and secure transactions whilst also having the ability to integrate with other POS hardware or simply use as a standalone credit card terminal. When your business chooses us for your payment needs, you will receive a dedicated account manager who will have extensive knowledge in merchant services and credit card terminal hardware. If your business is looking for other integrated payment services or looking to accept payments online, speak with a member of our team to see how we can offer a simple solution.

Process Debit or Credit Card Payments

If your business has decided it is now time to start the process of accepting debit or start accepting card terminal payments, the first step you should take is to research the market, find out what payment providers there are, speak with them to gain a greater understanding before deciding which company is best for your needs. Each payment provider will offer similar products but some specialise in different sectors and some will have a greater emphasis on bespoke payment solutions. Be sure to read customer feedback and other reviews because these are from people who’ve had first hand experience and they may highlight pitfalls which you weren’t aware of. There are many independent sales organisations in the payment industry acting on behalf of various merchant acquirers and although some customers may be happy with this option, others prefer to work with an independent payment provider for the versatility and flexibility they can offer. Whatever your end goal is in relation to accepting card payments, do your research and happy processing.

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