What is the Best Card Terminal?

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The best type of credit card terminal is very much dependant on how you trade, operate and sometimes the type of business you run. For example, you will seldom see a countertop credit card terminal in a hospitality setting, this is mainly because the environment and setting is geared around a personal table service which can enhance the overall customer experience. If you’ve ever been in an establishment in a hospitality setting, you will normally find business owners opt for a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi credit card terminal.

The best credit card terminal isn’t always governed by price. The main UK card terminal manufacturers are Spire, PAX, Verifone, Castle Technology and Ingenico all of which offer reliable hardware with each manufacturer offering unique selling points against their individual payment hardware. Wireless Terminal Solutions specialise in credit card terminal solutions and other payment services that will look to add value to the point of sale hardware with merchant services and other self-service point of sale payment services. We are recognised as one of the market leaders in card terminal accessories and other suppliers for Ingenico card terminals. If you already have an existing merchant account and are solely looking for a reliable robust credit card terminal, why not entertain the Move5000 which provides a plethora of payment features without compromising on quality and security. We can have you equipped with the Ingenico Move5000 in a matter of days at a cost effective card terminal lease.

Wireless Credit Card Terminals

When you think of credit card terminals from yesteryear, they were often clunky, slow and were often referred to as ‘the brick.’ The evolvement in technology for the payment industry means these days are long gone and with the development to support credit card processing, there is a solution for almost every type of business.

If you’re a restaurant owner looking for a reliable POS credit card terminal from a reputable supplier or your business has specific solutions that you don’t feel can be catered to, or you have concerns about scalable connectivity, we are here to support you. Wireless Terminal Solutions can help your business troubleshoot and identify the appropriate credit card terminals to grow your business. Regardless of what credit card terminal you choose, it is important to find a reputable payment provider and POS hardware that is long lasting, durable and will consistently deliver a high performance. Some of our mobile credit card terminals will allow you to accept credit and debit card payments when your business is away from its base – whether this is at an exhibition, trade show or selling at a local market. Our mobile credit card terminals have the easiest and most practical payment solution to kick-start your business. There is no need for costly Wi-Fi or dedicated phone lines, simply turn on the credit card terminal and you’re ready to go! Please note to use any of our hardware, you will need to have an existing merchant account which is compatible for face-to-face payments.

Accept Credit Card Payments

Choosing a credit card terminal and merchant account from Wireless Terminal Solutions will allow your business to accept all forms of payments including debit and credit cards, American Express and many others. We can provide your business with a plethora of wireless solutions for various trading environments and varying business types. Customers have the ability to choose from multiple credit card terminal configurations including Wi-Fi, mobile and countertop and these can be semi-integrated into the other ePOS solutions we proudly offer. Accepting credit card payments or having a simple logo promoting this can grab a customer’s attention and will give them an immediate trust and reassurance in your business. For a business owner weighing up or deliberating as to how accepting credit card payments will benefit their business, one of the aspects business owners need to bear in mind is that accepting credit cards can boost sales and more importantly to keep one step ahead of your competitors whilst displaying a proactive, forward thinking approach. Another important aspect for businesses weighing up accepting credit card payments, is the reassurance it can bring as you and your staff will be handling less cash on site which in turn won’t leave you so exposed for such things as theft and fraud.

Bank Accounts and Card Processing

The merchant account and payment industry in the UK has become very competitive and densely saturated in the last decade. You will have various companies offering card processing which will be linked to your bank account. If your business is deemed or constitutes a high risk business, i.e. gambling or travel industry, your merchant processing rates and set up fees relating to the merchant account will invariably differ compared to those standard card processing. Whilst this may seem unfair, high risk companies can carry a lot of risks when it comes to card processing, most notably charge backs and in this case is very much adhering to the merchant bank’s rules. When it comes to card processing and bank accounts, every business should be taken on face value and it’s important to remember that no two businesses are the same. When you get a quote from Wireless Terminal Solutions, we will provide a detailed quote based on the card processing and credit card terminal requirements tailored to your needs. If your business is deemed a high risk merchant applicant by the acquiring bank, it may just involve additional information on the application on how your bushiness operates but it is important to remember achieving a merchant account is still possible.

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