Pay As You Go Credit Card Terminal Hire

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For seasonal businesses who perhaps only trade a couple of months a year the pay as you go credit card terminal hire solution offers a great infrastructure without the need for any long term contracts. Not all payment providers offer pay as you go credit card terminal hire, and those that do more commonly refer to this service as “Short term PDQ hire” or “Temporary Chip and PIN rental.” The process is straightforward, and you can hire a credit card terminal from as little as one day, and payment charges for the hire are generally required upfront. A standard merchant account which is compatible for face to face card payments is required and your merchant processing fees are replicated against the payment hardware. Many businesses find this solution a convenient way to accept credit and debit card payments. If your business hosts various events away from your business address, pay as you go credit card terminal hire can transform the way you receive payments from your customers whilst enhancing customer service. The sole objective of pay as you go credit card terminal hire is to deliver a flexible, practical way to accept card payments without the need for unnecessary contract terms. The cost of this solution will differ in accordance to your temporary requirements, but most companies which offer this solution will generally request about 10 days’ notice to fulfil any subsequent orders. A setup fee can apply but again this is dependent on the payment provider you go with, so it is important to do your research.

Cheapest Credit Card Terminal Providers that Offer Merchant Services

Not all credit card terminal providers offer merchant services. Some credit card terminal providers will only specialise in POS hardware and other payment hardware solutions. The companies that do offer merchant services and card processing generally have direct relationships with the merchant acquiring banks, or may be acting as an ISO on behalf of the bank directly. Merchant account providers will use a whole host of names when referring to card terminals. These names can include PDQ card machine, Chip and PIN terminal and wireless credit card reader. In essence, the functionality of the hardware they are referring to is exactly the same, but the way it is worded may differ.  Credit card terminal providers that offer merchant account services provide business owners the ability to accept debit, credit and other card payments. Merchant services vary and include mail order telephone order, face to face and online. If your business is searching for a merchant account package, it is important to compare merchant rates and processing fees and what other tools come inclusive within the merchant services agreement. If you’re looking for a low cost way to accept debit and credit cards, why not get in touch with Wireless Terminal Solutions to see how we can support you and your business in payment processing with the primary objective to deliver low merchant rates and excellent customer service. We have direct relationships with all the UK acquirers and as a result can offer preferential rates for new to cards and switches.

Free Credit Card Terminal Merchant Services

Some payment providers will offer a free credit card terminal for a set period if you sign up to their merchant processing services for a set period. The thought of a free credit card terminal may appear enticing, but it is important for business owners to look at things objectively when doing so. Some of these agreements will have high cancellation fees and other charges which could leave you with hefty charges as a result. If your business already has a merchant account and you’re wondering if you’re paying too much, why not get in touch for a free comparison to see how we can save you money. With our industry experience, we generally find that most business owners do not know what they’re paying on the card payment processing fees and will also struggle to negotiate better processing rates for their business. We don’t only supply exceptional credit card terminal equipment and ePOS systems, but can support your business every step of the way in managing all your payment needs. If you’re at the other end of the spectrum and starting out in the world of taking debit and credit card payments, speak with us for hassle free payment solutions that can help enhance your business.

How do Credit Card Terminals Work?

We won’t provide information about the fundamental basics on how a credit card terminal works as this can be somewhat arduous,  but the key aspects to remember – they are built around the credit card terminal, the credit card processor and the card holder’s bank all coupled with the advances of the technology. All credit card terminals now aim to provide cost effective and quick payments for customers and businesses alike, whilst delivering the latest security. Traditional standalone credit card terminals work by capturing the necessary information to process the transaction. The credit card terminal will either use a PSTN line, Wi-Fi or an internet connection to connect to the network to clarify whether the sale or transaction can be authorised.

Wireless Credit Card Processing Terminals Lease

Wireless credit card processing terminals lease have become extremely popular for business owners wishing to accept credit and debit card payments. The credit card terminal lease agreement will differ based on the payment provider you deal with, but it is always advisable to think about how long you plan to have the credit card terminal for. Before you commit to a payment provider, also look at what other aspects come within your credit card terminal lease this can include technical support, account  management, support process and other aspects relating to the payment hardware. To learn more about Wireless Credit Card Processing Terminals Lease or for additional information on any payment hardware please get in touch.

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